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  1. There will be overhead to put the new bird in space but if they offer new equipment free to all there subscribers then they'll save money in the long run by switching all the customers to the new satellite so they don't have to pay leasing fees for the birds they use now. They could do this now while their customer base is low. I agree that there has to be FAP to provide an even service but 170 megs....come on. After I download a couple of updates for HP and Windows thats it for practically the whole day.Hughes is just not efficent with their service. It is all about politics unfortunately. I hope though that come later this year everyone will have a standard of 1.5 down and .500 up,with 1 gig FAP threshold. If they would provide me that I wouldn't complain at all paying 110.00 a month! Im not asking for an advatage over other ISPs but I am asking for whats fair and I believe alot ohters feel the same way.
  2. Ive had Direcway,what is now Hughesnet for sometime now. I'm not completely satisfied by its sub-par performance,specifically its horrible FAP. Now with the spaceway 3 going into orbit in August there may be hope for a better and more satisfying future. If it wouldn't be for the FAP and money is no object pricing,it would be a decent ISP. I know that the spaceway 3 will reduce allot of overhead for hughenet and hopefully this will create more reasonable residential pricing packages for us consumers and with the highly increased bandwidth and on-board processor should be able to eliminate FAP. This is my prediction or better yet my dream of what spaceway 3 will really be able to provide for its subscribers. Is this possible???
  3. Satellite sucks. Try looking into getting WISP perhaps (if possible). I really hope spaceway 3 is really worth all the hype if not maybe hughes will start to feel guilty about screwing us and pay for FIOS too be installed down our roads...lol yeah right.
  4. Poor guy.....FAP. Ive had DirecWay 7000 for about a year now and had to find out about thier stupid FAP the hard way.Satellite internet,especially hughesnet is just plain crap and poor people like us get stuck with it because we have no other choice. FAP stands for Fair Access Policy. Check out this link it'll tell you all you need to know. www.fairaccess.hughesnet.com Its still better than dial-up but satellite is a last resort. There are a lot of people trying to organize a class action law suit because they charge way too much for O so little and they haven't done such a great job on educating people on the FAP but hopefully for you and I Spaceway 3 will fix our problems.
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