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  1. its not to bad except the days my five yr shows me up. he sits there and does the whole no mommy this and that not here and there thing lol those are the days i really feel i need the book computers for dummies
  2. i will and yes it does seem to be alot better than other places most of them just make you feel stupid
  3. yeah between a 200 computer payment and then the 80 internet payment im spending enough dont need to add to it lol
  4. better yes ty and yes sat. sucks but where i live it is that or dialup lol its a toss up somedays.
  5. but my upload speeds are still really slow ? the thing asked if i was on dialup lol
  6. yeah that took me to 1.6 ty didnt even think about that one lol told you i was a ditz when it came to this stuff but the pages are still loading slowly.
  7. nope nothing running in background and the only thing on the comp is yahoo messenger and weatherbug and was having the problems before them yeah i tired the ie7 on the other computer (which by the way was only 8 months old when it went out big yuck lol) i didnt like it at all so using ie6 on this one
  8. internet explorer and i didnt do the update heard to many bad things bout it and using the windows firewall
  9. no i stopped using norton using defender pro now not having the same problems with them
  10. i think it was two yrs yuck lolll thank you for helping and yes i will check that in the morning
  11. yes checked all that even though i only brought the computer a week ago i still tried it oh i know it is always running correctly
  12. yeah its clear tonight besides according to their homepage that shouldnt matter lol and i look at the sat the other day nothing looked wrong anyway. im just hoping it was hooked up right since the guys that came to hook it up seemed clueless. no need to blush either trust me i have no idea about this kind of stuff
  13. yeah im grounded im assuming it is the right way and yes have tried restarting several times and yes it speeds up and slows down and even stops constantly. and no i havent read any links ever time i try to click on them they wont come up i just get blank pages like most everything else lately
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