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    newbie needs help

    First welcome to the forum! I would call them up and see if they can run a line test to your modem.. It might be a signal issue. What are your speeds normally?
  2. Sounds like the date in the bios is off.. boot the computer and enter the bios.. There should be a page for date and time.
  3. I was surfing around youTube today and came upon this.. I guess he won Britian's got Talent... I must say better than any American Idol winner yet.
  4. Your speed looks pretty good if the 3.0 package is a 3Mbit connection. If you are worried because you are only getting 85% of your speed, or at least that is what the speed test results say... Dont be. That calculation is done across all of all of the test run from each individual IPS regardless of package. So basically you are being compaired against the 5.0 package. Hope this helps a little bit..
  5. I am working on a dual boot linux vista machine today.. Our book store finally got our copies in.. A whopping $40 for an upgrade to vista ultimate.
  6. From what I have read, I dont have Vista, but it seems that IPv6 is one of the struggles that the new networking stack has. It has to do with the way that MS layered IPv4 and IPv6 into the new stack.. Take a look for yourself. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/060707-microsoft-vista-ipv6-incompatible.html
  7. Did you press the reset button before you flashed the router?
  8. you have to update via ethernet.. Make sure you set the router to default before you run the firmware update.. also make sure you are downloading the correct version number for you router..
  9. That could be.. I think the 524 has an onboard testing utility, in the later versions. Check and see under the status tab if there is a network cable test.
  10. I would upgrade the firmware to the 2005 version.. There have been some serious fixes since 2002.
  11. alright.. So you have 2 computer.. A desktop that is connected to the router and a laptop that is wireless. The modem should run to the WAN port on the router and then the desktop should be in LAN port 1.. You should be able to pull speeds simular to what you can get with just the modem.. What type of router do you have? I am starting to wonder if it needs to be reflashed.. Do you loose wireless connectivity or just the internet? You wouldn't happen to have a 2.4Ghz phone or a microwave near the router would you?
  12. http://www.dlink.com/products/support.asp?pid=316&sec=0#firmware select the correct model.. The download it.. Take a look at the manual or there might be an instruction set included in the download.
  13. I had something like this happen with my 524 a while back.. It was right after they released really buggy firmware.. I would see if they have anything new as far as firmware goes.. If they don't then I would reflash the router.. I know exactly what you are talking about.. I originally though that it was due to IP addresses being re-released.. BTW welcome to the forum!
  14. Open IE and type IP address of other computer. That should bring up the shares that you have setup. To get the IP address of the other computer: Start | Run type cmd press enter | type ipconfig /all.. Look for IP Address...
  15. Right.. they are imperfect.. That is what I am trying to show.. Just because you buy into a product that is going to provide a serivce to recover you laptop does not mean that you are any safer then when you started. I also agree that most people would not be messing with their BIOS. But it is important again that if someone really wants the computer they can have it and all of the data no problem. Or just don't plug it into the internet and then you will never see your laptop again. The best solution.. Dont loose your laptop.
  16. As tdawnaz said.. and seeing that you are from AU.. I would recommend testing from our Australia mirror. http://www.testmy.net/o-mirror-ria-tech that should get you to the speed test.. Let us know what you are pulling from that server then we can start looking at some possibilities.
  17. It is a web proxy.. Basically you are pulling your web pages though this software that filters all sorts of ads, java script, etc. before displaying on your browser.
  18. Like DLewis said router is the best way to go.. if you have 2 NIC cards in one of the computers it is possible to use one of the computer as a router.. but it a lot more complicated.
  19. It is not that great of a solution... It requires the laptop to go online.. People who are stealing laptops are not looking for a new laptop instead they are looking for the information on them. It does look like the software does have a bios component.. I would like to see if it will survive a DoD zero bit pass... Here is a little out dated article.. http://www.infomaticsonline.co.uk/vnunet/news/2141350/does-lojack-laptops-work Here is the product discription.. Looks like a BIOS flash will solve the problem.. http://www.absolute.com/products-core-technology.asp Alright last update to this post... You can get rid of the BIOS component with a bios repacker.. Here is the Award Utility that can get the job done.. http://sourceforge.net/projects/awdbedit/ I guess the information is stored the BIOS CME area.. Which is not over written when you flash the bios.. One last thing.. Since the program requires an IP address to work.. The company is going to need to get the IP address from the ISP before the swat team can figure out who has your laptop.. Mean while your laptop is being parted and sold on ebay. Here is the popular LoJack whitepaper on how to break it. http://www.infiltrated.net/docs/lojack.pdf
  20. Yeah Yeah.. That is how all software is.. Every piece of software has its bugs.. It is beta but it is still working pretty damn well for a beta. I am not shocked by this at all.. for years Apple has been pushing the "we are safer" crap.. now we will see if they can truly deliver a better product or not.
  21. Or even better.. just pop in a linux live cd.. the hard drive mounts and you have instant access..
  22. I go to Purdue.. 3945 is a decent card.. I have found that the Intel wireless responds to TCP Optimizer better than Cablenut..
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