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  1. thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!! I realize you didn't fix it, but you are definitly the bearer of good news.
  2. That is very encouraging news, I would love to see the torrents running again. Now you got me all excited
  3. yeah, the problem isn't the torrent, I have tried many different torrents, and I get the same results all the time. The the speed is constantly slow, and not just slow when seeders disconnect. That guy is full of it.
  4. yeah, it sucks. let me know if you can figure anything out, cause traffic shaping was all I could get, but hopefully you can find out something more, and maybe get a solution.
  5. there are 69 seeds and 577 peers. with encryption turned on I am connected to 35 seeds, and 100 peers, on average.
  6. I could be mistaken then. I would appreciate any help I could get. I am using azureus, I have upnp enabled, and I have tried changing my port #'s randomly. I had been using torrents succesfully for years on this same hardware setup with no problems and easily getting 250 kbs down, and 120kbs up. I have tried taking my router out of the loop, and connecting my computer directly to the modem. I have tried changing my ip address, I have tried no upnp, I have different clients besided azureus. Currently I am getting all green lights, but without encryption enabled, I get 5kbs max, but with encryption I can get up to 80kbs down and 100kbs up. Let me know if I should try other things. Thanks for your help. I may also try and give insightbb and call monday, and see if they say anything.
  7. I have done that, I am using encryption and it has indeed increased speed, but I am still not back up to normal levels. many people in my area have also felt the effect, so it is not just me.
  8. i have switched ports, I am no newb at torrents. this is most obviously traffic shapping. but if there are other people here on insightbb, I welcome there idea, because I, of course, do not know everything, so it would be awesome if it wasn't traffic shapping and we could fix our speed problems
  9. I have not been told my anyone at insight, but I have enough evidence to conclude this. 1. I have never had any problems with my router/modem, or any of my connections, until suddenly one day mu connection went shitty. 2. I changed nothing, but my torrent speeds went bad 3. I have searched the internet, and many other people have said they same thing. 4. My internet speed is still great 5. When I use encryption (RC4 with azureus) then I get some torrent speed back, but still not full So thats enough evidence for me, it really couldn't be anything else. especially since more people in central illinois (my location) are experiencing the same problem.
  10. insightbb has started traffic shapping(throtting) not more than 2 weeks ago. So that blows, but if you use RC4 encryption (included in azureus, but you have to turn it on) then you can get some speed, but not full speed back.
  11. Well, after insight upgraded there service in November, then they decided to start blocking torrents. I have tried everything, and it is most definitly throtting, sad to say. THIS SUCKS.
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