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  1. Yes Bro . My topic has been moved. You can give suggestion on http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=20081.msg228751#new & thanks 4 tdawnaz Yeah the site is related with gambling...
  2. Hi Friends.... Every person interested in money and also in the topic of money. I m too. So 2-3 days ago,when i was in my friends group. We were talking about "Earn money on net" One of my friend suggest me to earn money on net. By a site it's [snip] So friends,the problem is that i m in call center. From here i m not able to open this site. Can u open this site & can you tell me about it . That it is good or not ? Prince... edit: to remove url
  3. Ok orange, Which one plan you are using in WildBlue High Speed ?
  4. Hi friends. It's my photo,just i am trying to attach it. Soon i will attach my photo in it...
  5. Don't get die. I m always with u . It is not necessary 4 u .
  6. So you can attach it. Why r u waiting ? (Just attach)
  7. aakash


    So brothers. Can u tell me the procedure to earn the money on Papal ?
  8. Yes i liked it.(User bar) Can u tell me where u will attach this user bar ?
  9. Yeah come on topic. Ask ur question ? Bro
  10. I will come on topic. But first see the CRM. How it is ?
  11. Yeah i found it. So i m attaching a file. U can see the CRM of our call center.
  12. Bro i m posting,so where is the "Additional Options" ?
  13. Can u tell me,how can i attach something under our post ?
  14. Problem has been solved. Leave this topic.
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