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  1. I have internet service -sharing type---can I use bandwidth controller ( h/w or s/w ) to arrange and divide it to many computers ? what are the conditions to do that ,it is sharing not dedicate type service ?,,,thank,, Hazim
  2. hazim

    advice me

    please ,can you explain more ?,,,,really i did not understand what you said ,,sorry , with regards, Hazim
  3. hi.. I want to get a trusted internet service provider here in Baghdad advice me,plz... regards ,
  4. Hi , I got a modem of DirecWay 4020 with IPS address of speed ( d.l. 512 kb/s -- u.p. 128 kb/s ) ; but this in fact is not good , it reaches to down loading of speed less than 30 kb/s ~4kB/s with failling at up loading mostly ... So i want your help to get new IPS address to my net with DW4020....plz .....i think that i lost much money without benefits really... thx Hazim Iraq --Baghdad
  5. hazim


    Hi, I found in Direcway network IP (the information page ) that the DHCP state is disable ,is that the reason and how can changed to enable?. thanks
  6. hazim


    Hi, I have DW 4020 and I got router DI-808HV with ( H/W Ver.:A2 , F/W Ver.:1.38 ) ; when connected with one PC it worked properly ( refer to its installation guide),but with tow PCs just one worked ok while the other stopped connection with any site ,yet the first stopped its internet explorer browser and then the second worked good ; it appears like conflict ,how can solved this problem. thanks hazim Iraq-baghdad
  7. hazim


    Hi-- What are types of routers and why there is awide range of prices (50$ to1500$) and may be more,as I seen?. Thankyou,and I want to thank every one to explain technical informations of routers. hazim
  8. hazim


    Thank you please more details if possible thanks hazim
  9. hi can I get informations about: -router -hub -switch and is there adifference between them? thanks hazim
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