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  1. Can't say which you should use but I've been happy with firefox for a few years now. I wouldn,t even open IE. In fact I removed it with nlite. IE keeps a secret cache of internet files which can't even be access inside of windows. You can't even find the folder unless you know exactly where to look.
  2. Yes, Insight is screwing with BT. I went from d/l speeds of 250KB-900KB down to 7-10KB a couple of days ago. Most of the ISP's have been working on ways to limit p2p traffic and have really stepped up their game lately, making things really difficult for BT users. I've heard of people having some success regaining some speed by enabling encryption but it's not helping me here in Northern KY. The crazy thing about this whole mess is we're not doing anything but making use of the access and bandwith that they advertise and sell to us. It reminds me of how so many places were messing with skatebo
  3. I've been getting good to excellent speeds up till sometime during the past 24-48 hours. I have no noticeable difference when doing anything else. I started up azureus on another mathine which had been seeding last time I used it . It connected to 2 peers immeadiatly and within 10 sec. or so I was at me 75KB/s upload limit. About 5 seconds later my speedstarted dropping till i hit 0. Over the past couple of weeks, torrents that were well seeded would move along from 350-1200 KB/s. My fastest torrent d/l now hits 20KB max but averages about half that. But the fact that there are no nat errors o
  4. Insight is full of B.S. I'm experiencing the same problem and they have to be doing something. I've seen that they've started using software/hardware that recognizes p2p traffic and basically throttles those trasmissions down to almost nill. Another thing I noticed was that when you do the NAT test in azureus you'll always get a nat error. But the really interesting thing is if you test another port it well test OK! That is until you acually accept and start using that port, then after about 10-15 seconds you'll get a nat error on that port. I've done this a dozen times in a row with the exact
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