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  1. OK guys just have a quick question.....not even sure if you can help but I figure if I put it out there sooner or later somebody will know....I have a Motorola q9m and I upgraded the firmware to windows mobile 6.1 which in turn makes my phone a Motorola q9c according to the phone and my PC when I connect to it.  When I call verizon they still can not activate vz navigator because according to them I still have the q9m....does anybody know any way around this? The only thing I am looking for is to have gps capabilities.

  2. Hey guys I have a motorola q9m with verizon and I was asking them in the store yesterday about the VZ navigator and they said that I would have to buy a new phone or download the windows mobile 6.1 firmware for my phone to change it to a Q9c...I have tried the motorola website and no luck...if anybody has any knowledge please let me know.

  3. Hey guys I have an HP dv9000 laptop and here lately it has gotten unbearably slow.  I have checked for spyware using super antispyware and found nothing......When I open it to use it takes forever to respond and sometimes just seems to lock up on me....any suggestions?

  4. I hate to bother with such a simple question, but I am having a hard time figuring this out again.  I have a pc and laptop on my wireless network and am trying to set up print sharing so that I can print from the laptop...Both computers are running Vista but I have been messing with it for a few hours now and have gotten nowhere....Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I have been having issues with my speeds for a few days and I finally called Time Warner to find out why.  During the chat they tell me first of all that 60% of the advertised speed is acceptable.  I told them that was only if they were paying my bill.  After telling me that there was nothing wrong with their end my modem mysteriously rebooted and now this morning I am running above what is advertised.  Do providers cheat people who do not know any better?

  6. I am having issues with IE...some virus called a360 makes it unusable and I can not get rid of it....I have switched to Chrome and Firefox and was wondering if Firefox gives accurate test results?  If anybody knows how I can get rid of the virus it would be great but everything I looked up said they couldn't figure it out

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