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  1. Thanks for the help I just like using torrents because I find better results for things I need. I'll see about getting the static Ip though, but for the meantime I'll try Frostwire. Again, Thanks so much for the help. I just really wanted to find a place where I could get a real answer.
  2. I haven't tried changing anything yet other than opening up ports but I'm not quite sure how to do anyting else. I'm at school right now so I can't do anything yet. How much is the static IP service and is there really no other way to make torrents go faster without that? Thanks for all the help and welcomes.
  3. Okay my family got D-way at our house because we live somewhat in the country and I hate it because it's pretty much really slow for torrents and trying to download stepmania songs from certain sites. I've tried learning portforwarding and stuff and I don't really get it. And I'm not really all that great at dealing with computer problems. My download speeds for torrents are like 0-5 kb/s and that's about maximum. And for most regular downloads it's about 8-15kb/s. I'm fairly sure that those speeds are absolute garbage. Sorry I'm such a D.A. but can anyone help?
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