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  1. wireless doesnt seem to really affect me that much. speeds are fairly good for going through wireless router. btw the router and adapter are half way across the house and seperted by 1 floor.
  2. can anyone at least tell me what my router settings should be?
  3. anyone.....please. are there any known issues with the equipment im running? also can anyone tell me the right way to split coaxial and the right type to buy to extend it to another room?
  4. alright i need some major help. i just got comcast to replace my dsl connection that i am currently typing this on. the major issue with the comcast it that it has to work wirelessly for a while until i have time to run a cable line to the second floor. however, i just wanted to test the connection and nothing seems to be working. i used my xbox's wireless adapter since the modem is downstairs right now, and my computer used to use a wired connection so i dont have another adapter. anyhow, i can access "small" pages such as google, and do a search, but once i try to access a page of any size nothing happend. for example i try to get on testmy.net and the top little logo thing half loads then stops. i first thought it was the fact that the adapter was made for the xbox so maby their was compatability issues. i then put the adapter back on the xbox and it read 80 - 90% signal strength. i was able to sign into xbox live, but once again, when i tried to recieve any significant amount of data (i tried a 12 MB trailer) nothing happened. the adapter would blink for about 2 seconds then stop. i assume this means it is not recieving data. now, the adapter and router are communicating just fine since i tried it with the dsl too. my router is a dlink di624, and i had it set for a dynamic ip which it says it will get from the isp. this is the setting the router suggested. also MTU is set to 1500 also the default for the cable. if anyone could please help in any way i would appriciate it. also, i heard that when you first connect a new modem to comcast, comcast sends some kind of update to the modem so it can work on their network. is this true? and if so can it be the problem?
  5. people who are experiancing "permaboost" with speeds of 3+MB / sec, i assume are on the faster plan? is the boost just lasting longer, or is it giving faster speeds than what it is supposed to also. for example the 6mb plan would roughly get 1.5MB / sec, are people going over that?
  6. well if you isolated it to your router try playing with your router and adapter settings. switch to G mode only if you dont need B. maby at your house your too far from your router? i know with mine sometimes it says 54Mbs when im at like 20% signal strength.
  7. anyone know of a place where i could get older firmware just in case. dlink knows but wont tell me? i dont get it.
  8. yes it only has B but even at 100% next to the router a mobile speed test only yeilds about 20KB/s so its probably because the psp has crappy specs and is not really meant to browse. also i am on the latest firmware that is still compatible with xbox live. i would try the latest if i could find firmware that i could revert back to if live stopped working.
  9. alright then, i guess ill try that. anyhow i took a psp (which usually has poor wireless reception) and placed it near the spot where the router would be moved to. with the router in its current location where a wireless adapter will be, and a psp where the router will go, the psp is getting anywhere between 40-60% signal. i assume this would be enough to get the full usage out of the internet bandwidth after proper tweaks on any wireless clients? thanks again for everyones help. im not new to computers, but i am with tweaking internet connections ever since my internet has been slow. anyway its been a big help.
  10. ill definantly look at the really cheap wireless adapter you mentioned. btw the laptop should not be hardware limited. it was 1.6ghz core 2 duo, 2gb ddr2, 5400rpm hdd, and i know it is well kept as far as defrag and tweaking.
  11. that is a good idea lol considering i already have a wireless router. its a dlink DI624. its decent but an older model by now. the main reason i chose it was because at the time it was cheap with rebates and it it is compatible with xbox live which i need. so i guess i should just find a good wireless adapter and move my router and modem downstairs. i was just skeptical because of the range with my whole setup. i want to be sure i will be getting a singnal strength strong enough to not hold back the connection. i throught about this option before, but heres a weird situation that i encountered before. my internet now with dsl is 1.5Mbit and i get a little over that with tweaking with the modem connected to the router and the router to the computer by ethernet. funny thing is a friend with a laptop came over and when the wireless singnal strength read very good with 54Mbps we could only manage a download speed of 60KB/sec so whats that like .5Mbps? weird
  12. alright thanks man. i guess it is kinda bull that itll cost to litterally run cable 8 to 10 feet straight up to the computer but whatever. i would just hate to spend the full 50 for professional install just for that. anyway though have you heard of the comcastoffers.com thing? the free modem deal sounds good but i just wanna make sure its like a surfboard or something. also does that mean i wont have to lease? thanks again
  13. I would have put this in the comcast spacific forum but i saw it was inactive for a bit, sorry. anyway, im thinking about getting comcasts 6Mbit plan, and i currently have their cable tv service. i found an offer online that gives you a self install kit, and a moterola modem with rebates that make the modem free. however, i dont have any coax cable running to the 2nd floor of my house. does anyone know if comcast would charge to simply run some cable upstairs and let me set up the rest. i dont wanna pay for the whole professional installation thing. also, has anyone taken advantage of the comcastoffers.com deal with modem rebates? ive heard some good and some bad things about it.
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