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  1. New Laptop with top of the line components is great, but...

    WinXP by default is configured for dial-up speeds, not broadband.

    My niece is up on the Optimum cable network with 15/30 Mbps.

    She was complaining of 1-2 Mbps download speeds.

    Went to visit, ran TCP Optimizer and lo and behold,

    it was now running close to the advertised broadband speeds...

    I hope Vista is better by default, haven't installed it just yet.

  2. The eHome adapter is SKU: 341885 at CompUSA.com

    This week it is $25 after rebate.

    But... in past weeks it has been 99 cents after rebate, $1.99 after rebate, and also $4.99 after rebate.  So keep an eye on it.

    It is a rebadged D-Link product.

    I picked one of the eHome routers and a USB adapter as a spare when they were $1.99 last month.  Still in the box (minus UPC)  :smile2:

  3. Do you know if your friend's laptop was optimized with TCP Optimizer?

    Did it have at least 1GB of RAM?

    Was it a built-in Wireless G card or was it an old Wireless B card?

    Any of those and the other tips (VirusScan, SpyScan, Defragged HD, etc..) on this forum can slow down the speed.

    Oh and I neglected to mention I have the Linksys HGA7T High Gain Antenna that I added onto my router which seemed to get rid of my dead spots. (and there are metal studs behind my walls)

    I originally tried the Linksys Booster that worked great with my Wireless-B router, but it made it worse for G...  Luckily I was able to sell that for more than I paid for it on eBay.

    I want to go Wireless N, but all the reviews on Draft N says the performance is worse than G, so hold off at least another year until the standard is ratified.

  4. Might I suggest that you buy a Wireless Router and do your install on the first floor.

    You'd also need a wireless adapter for each PC you have.

    You can get a eHome(DLink) Wireless G adapter for as low as $1.99 After Rebate (sale on and off) at CompUSA, or go all out and get Linksys for the quality.

    I'm on a single floor and my Dell laptop gets up to 16M from my Linksys G with SpeedBooster Router.

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