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  1. I sense a foul wind somewhere in Northern Europe. Valstaag
  2. Yes, word of mouth IS a powerful thing. Secure connections in the browser might be helped by configuring your browser to use WB's proxy server (use address http:wpad.wildblue.com/wpad.dat in the proxy settings under 'use automatic configuration script') One thing I forgot to mention is their FAP. While their FAP thresholds are fairly generous, from what I've seen their usage monitoring has major problems. If you're going to have such a policy, you really need to back it up with accurate monitoring for both the customer and the service provider, imho. -Valstaag
  3. Before I talk about latency, let me tall you that my speeds are just fine. Even during peak hours, my speeds are almost always near their max. This post is about an even more complex issue, latency. Specifically latency of UDP traffic. I welcome all responses on this topic, so long as they are articulated intelligently. Responses like : 'YEAH!, WB sucks' or 'You don't know what you're talking about, WB is GREAT!' will be disregarded. As some of you know, and have posted on testmy.net and DSLreports.com, the latency of the WB system has approximately DOUBLED ACROSS THE BOARD. Normal operat
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