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  1. Now THERE is a testimonial!
  2. I had the same setup when I had old DirectWay.
  3. Shug7272

    front panel jacks

    You are sure your drivers are ok? Im sure you already checked that but you gotta always ask. Perhaps get a ohm meter and see if it is faulty hardware?
  4. Let me see if utorrent is out for mac. If so use it, its a GREAT client. Ill BRB. http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/mac <--- light, small, fast and easy to set up. At least the windows version is, I take it the mac is the same. BTW when it is asking for you to input your speed, all it is going to do is determine your upload settings. Always make sure your download settings are "unlimited" under preferences. If you need it throttled back, you can do so temp. but always take it back to unlim. Upload is different, you want it set to about 20% of your rated upload speed. If you are not browsing the net or you are just using BT then set it to 90 of your cap. Ok now for your questions. Ill see if I can answer them in one sec. Im at work so I am here and there. Utorrent will forward your ports for you and basically walk you through step by step. http://www.matisse.net/bitcalc/ This might help to. Try it out, let me know any questions you might have. I wrote a step by step guide for testmy but that was years ago. It is in the guides section but is horribly outdated, I wouldnt recommend reading it. Im sure you know by know the first rule of BT is patience. It usually takes it a while to hit speed.
  5. Hi Beautiful! :kiss: :smitten: ....... aaaand a lil of BAM BAM that for ya.
  6. Flawed logic, a child can never realize how wonderful it is to be a child. Otherwise they would no longer be able to enjoy being a child due to the knowledge that realization would require. :2funny:
  7. :haha: Gotta love this guy. http://www.snopes.com/language/document/liferule.asp
  8. Welcome to the forum, unfortunantly those are things you are probably going to have with satellite. I doubt they can fix it. The game latency is going to always be pretty bad because your shooting your info up into space, it gets shot back down and goes where you want it to go. Then the information coming back does the same routine. Latency is going to be a problem. Your pages should not load real slow but your browsing will not be as fast as with DSL. If you have DSL as an option that is probably where I would go.
  9. Well he said on lower settings it still lagged in his OP. I wonder if Ryan might have nailed it. Maybe hes trying to use DX10. I had that same card and it ran the sims 2 at a lower setting which isnt a powerhouse game but I would think it could handle the ones he listed. Im far from being an expert though. Now that I re read the OP it looks like he is trying for full power. That is the problem, the card just wont handle that.
  10. Something is up here. His setup should run those at low settings with no lag IMO.
  11. Nice! We still havent helped with the counter. There must be a way.
  12. I would seriously buy one if I werent in the back of the office with my monitor towards me and my corner. Nobody can get behind me.
  13. I prefer B2 but the Battlefield games are not my favorite.
  14. Link doesnt work for me. Takes me to a page with a Panasonic ad.
  15. I have never had an OS as good as this lite version of Vista. I love it. Like you said, I have lost many a product key as well.
  16. Hmm. Im not sure. Does that service you use not offer stat tracking? I take it they dont. I havent messed with webcams much, maybe someone will come along with a better answer.
  17. Link Edit: This program will get most any key off of your computer. From Windows XP to the Sims. I shared this in another thread but thought it may help enough people I would make it a thread. This program will find the Product Key for your Windows OS that is currently running. I believe it works on more than just Vista but if not there are clones that do at download.com. If you buy a PC with bundled OS the Key that is on the sticker on your pc is not a real Vista Key. If you try to use it on a fresh OEM copy of Vista it wont work. This gets your real key for you. Then if you decide to install a fresh copy of windows you have the key. This is the description of the version I use. I removed some info about cracking it, we dont discuss cracking software here. But again, this is a genuine copy and all you need to do is use the Key you recovered with the product above and it is fully valid and genuine. I have been using this version for months now and LOVE it! It is SO fast.
  18. Im all out for now. Check back often. :grin2: You know you liked it.
  19. Welcome! Depends on your setup. How is your webcam connected to the net? I mean, if I wanted to look at it where would I go to view your cam?
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