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  1. i am using single user plan, i want to connect two PC.It is possible, And there is any defference in speed. Right now i am getting bandwith 2mbps
  2. i know about cricket very well, because i am player of this game in state level, As football is favorite game in Europe, Same way cricket is favorite game in Ashia,Australia,England,
  3. Great Player 1.Sachin Tendulakar 2.Rahul Dravid 3.Adam Gilcrisht 4.Brain Lara 5.Ricky Ponting 6.Jeques Kallis Plz tell me which game they are from?
  4. If bandwith speed is 2mbps than what will download speed
  5. If the bandwith speed is 2mbps, what will be download speed
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