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  1. The sand effect was pretty cool. Kinda reminded me of Pig Pen from Charlie Brown.(Always had that cloud around him)
  2. I haven't found a way to do what you asked, but you could just drag and drop a link on the desktop.
  3. Yeah, nothing wrong with Maxthon. I've used it for years.
  4. I've used Maxthon, too, coknuck. I like it but I'm using firefox 2 now. The secret to getting firefox 2 to work the way you want it is customizations. I have no trouble opening multiple tabs.
  5. Mine seems to be about like normal now, too.
  6. I wish someone would post something. I'd hate to be known as the guy who's pic was so ugly he killed the thread. :uglystupid2:
  7. Yeah, mine's slower than hades, too. Thought it was just me.
  8. I hate to mention this, since I don't wanna be one of those people that scream virus in a crowded forum, but my sister's computer was taking about 5 minutes to load. I downloaded windows defender, it found 6 backdoor viruses and removed them, it's a lot faster now.
  9. Ok, thanks, I was just wondering because I've got a Biostar motherboard with Warp speeder over clocking software that came with it. It's supposed to safely over clock it, but I wasn't sure how safe it actually was.
  10. Other than burning up your processor, is there anything else that can be damaged by over clocking?
  11. /happy_bday.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':bday:' />:' />
  12. Was that supposed to be physical age or mental age? If mental, you'd better start with a smaller number than 13 for some of us.
  13. Then I guess you'd have the misfortune to know how to tell the difference, just not sure if I could.Hope it all turns out ok for you.
  14. Pardon my paranoia, but are you sure that the letter was really from the RIAA, and not just someone trying to be funny?
  15. I have AT&T Yahoo DSL, and all I'm qualified for is the pro package(1.5-3 down, 512 up)
  16. In my experience, most installers will usually line the dish up with the satellite just good enough to get a usable signal, and call that good. If you go into the setup menu, there's a signal strength meter with a tone. Just loosen the dish slightly, go back and forth until you get the highest tone.Lock that down, and do the same for the up and down adjustment.Bear in mind, the only systems I'm familiar with are Dish and DirectTV, might not be the same for satellite internet.
  17. Yeah, that's probably not it then. While I'm not really familiar with satellite internet, your signal strength is real low for a regular satellite signal. I've been involved in several satellite system installs for friends and family, and I won't let them leave the house unless it's at least 75. I always tweak it afterwards, and mine is currently about 110.
  18. found this on the net: 2. How do I know if my PC has USB 2.0? You can identify whether your PC has Hi-Speed USB or not relatively easy. Open Device Manager and expand the Universal Serial Bus section. There should be an "Enhanced" USB host controller present.
  19. If you have a usb flash drive you could copy a 3 or 4 MG file to it and time how long it takes, but if you're not getting that message anymore it probably is on the 2.0 speed.
  20. yeah, like all people, some are nice and some aren't, like the guy who said that he wouldn't associate with Lindsey Lohan because she was too poor(only worth seven million according to him). I would cheerfully run him over and never look back, unless it was to backup and do it again.
  21. Here's the main video capture page:http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/category/category_tlc.asp?CatId=1423 Hope it helps.
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