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  1. In politics 1. No permanent enemies [my enemy's enemy is my friend..until we also become enemies] 2. Its about money [kickbacks, kickbacks, kickbacks] 3. Its about self preservation [wouldnt we all love the power] 4. Its "honestly" a total sham. [the earlier you realize it the better] 5. Its matter of choosing between devils...[wouldnt you go for the devil you know?] Im seeing this with my very own eyes right now. :cry: http://josephkaroki.wordpress.com/ [a prayer for us would be appreciated too] SO PLEASE CHOOSE WISELY...or as wisely as you can
  2. An arduous, but very worthwhile task, this florilegium. Thanks to waterRTBH for your insight! Im sure many did not bother to look up such information. :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: :afro: :thumbsup: I shall not *dispute* these opinions further as such, there are other blogs with threads for such. This one is meant as reference and information, so we may here discuss *about* them ("why do they think so?") but not against them ("they are wrong").
  3. You obviously mean "particular sites are not opening". 1. Are those the only sites you have tried...whats the result on other sites. 2. If you still have problems an all sites check that your internet settings as given by your broadband provider are correct :twisted: Is the cable plugged in to your network card?
  4. I agree with you that despite his popularity he will eventually loose. Very True. Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime someone else is gonna cruise past him and leave the millions of Americans that would have wanted a BLACK president disappointed. The whole BLACK diaspora is watching keenly how the polls and end result will shape up. And if the USA is such a democracy as it claims to be (the oldest) then maybe its a stepping stone for the masses that many seem to think he represents. I don't think him a to possibly be a BLACK president....just a possible American president !! Black is just a color.....recently someone who thought otherwise had to quit his job..(Hmmm..I wonder who that biologist was :-| )
  5. I completely differ with you generalizing that church and Obama in this way. Did you go through the website or just the first page?? These are Americans exercising their freedom of religion and expression. Or do you view them as otherwise?? http://www.tucc.org/mission.htm (What is not Christian here?) Dont be so shallow in regard to the statement "non-negotiable commitment to Africa" - Read between the lines and understand the statement LASTLY - you are definitely being political unless you again have a different notion of what being political is.
  6. Thanks peepnklown...you really helped me on this one...as i said i didn't know where to look ....and it was there all the time .. :laugh:
  7. Hi TMN, been a while since i asked for help...As asked on the topic- i need links to PDF creators for Mac OS X. Im new to Macs so i'd really appreciate your help.
  8. Please explain the picture Tommie Gorman...its relevance here?? I find it rather distasteful!!
  9. For me its simple. I want to buy i go with cash. Online purchasing is just too risky :!:
  10. HAHA!! :evil6: Worked for me Your connection is: 3366 Kbps or 3.4 Mbps You downloaded at: 411 kB/s You are running: 59 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 2.49 second(s) Member Ident:Username:LeftFutBrakin CompID:157943319785 Test Time:: 2007/08/30 - 9:17am Test Browser and OS info: Pentium 5 Browser & OS is MS-DOS 2007 Test ID: TI1CUD0NR (if this is a screenshot go to testmy.net to see if this is fake) Diagnosis ^info^: Awesome! 20% + : 55.12 % faster than the average for host (111.99) This was tested from a 2992 kB file and took 7.282 seconds to complete
  11. I just switched and upgraded from a DW7000 modem to a HN7000s because i needed better speeds. Apparently i could only get the speeds i wanted by changing modems. Since changing the modem every connection on my network freezes whenever a file is being downloaded (Average size is 5MB) The other machines on my network browse through squid. I only changed the IPs after switching modems but none of the other configurations. Im starting to think that my new modem is faulty. Any ideas ? :
  12. I'll be back after installing Redhat on another HDD starting with a text install. :icon_salut:
  13. Guess what..its ok now. I had set the Linux drive as master and the CD without a jumper. I took out the Linux HDD put the CD jumper back on master and booted again with an XP CD and it worked. I then let the windows setup CD run until the " new folder or delete current windows"..blah blah.. option. Clicked F3(restart0 and my XP is back. I think my Linux HDD is pǝʍǝɹɔs coz its making noises like theres marbles inside it. LMAO. :shock:
  14. Tried that. Tried even the XP cd but it just wont boot ffrom the CD even if i select that from the BIOS Any ideas...its dead so i'm gonna try anything.
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