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  1. 75 sec, crazy game. I think the kids will get a kick out of this. thanks!!
  2. The speed result may be dimished based on the fact your on the other side of the earth. Actually not bad stats when you thing about the distance to the server your running the tests on. Some of the frequent guru's of this site will probably be able to help you with the software tweaks that may improve performance. Welcome to the site and forums. The crew here is alright. Good luck!
  3. I know Hughesnet is growing and I'll bet there are a fair amount of subscribers that are quite as "tech savvy" as some of us. I feel lucky that I've had my rig for about 2 years now and I could not imagine if my mother or someone else in the family that has DSL or cable had to use a sat system. They would go nuts. Just an observation and combined rant I guess. But I do feel for the folks that don't understand all the quirks of the sat systems.
  4. Hey, let whoever loaded up the wall papers, Nice job!! Some of them are really great!
  5. Just registered, I've been checking out your site for a couple of weeks now and running speed tests to make sure my DWAYSat is giving me the goods. I've noticed the last couple of weeks, the speeds in both directions has been very inconsistent and yesterday my modem firmware got upgraded. I had to enroll and post my speed test because it's been the first time in a week, I've been back above 1000 on the down. I'm aware that direcway is in the process of a masive system upgrade, but does anyone know any specifics? And what are the potential pluses or minuses after the system upgrade? (Just thought I'd throw these out there.) Once again, great sight and I'm sure I'll be visiting (at least reading) daily. Thanks!
  6. It looks like your blazing for Hughesnet. What plan you on?
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