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  1. The only reason why I still have it is because EVDO is not available yet, and also I think it might get better whenever WB-1 is online. Also the user that posted before with the high pings on EVDO was obviously in a bad spot otherwise the pings will be satellite easily. The fact of the matter is EVDO is and always will be better than satellite. I have seen much higher pings on Hughes and Wildblue than I will ever see on EVDO. Whenever you are browsing guess what...PINGS MATTER!!! Satellite always has and ALWAYS will be a dial-up alternative and NOTHING more. To grandpa you are exactly right on signal fluctuations being the source of the speed fluctuations. I have read on the evdoforums multiple cases where people had speeds that were either consistently slow or fluctuated and was fixed by simply adding an antenna. I have also seen people getting a good 1.4mb in some cases. Also the upload on EVDO (rev a) stomps satellite. I have seen a user post as high as 900k.
  2. Lets see your sat connection do that. It does not matter how fast it is as long as the latency is lower. Whenever you are browsing you pretty muchly never use all of that bandwidth anyway. Just a fraction of it. Plus EVDO is capable of maintaining a good 1mb+, which is more than enough for browsing. Then there is that crazy thing were you can do something else besides browse the web with your internet connection.... Edit: Also it is noteworthy that the cards can be taken wherever they want to. They are not tied to using them just at their house unlike a sat connection. The fact of the matter is EVDO is and always will beat satellite in pretty muchly every way including downloading large files, because you will get fapped and that EVDO connection will just keep on going.
  3. Hey unity. If I were you I would hop on over to http://booster-antenna.com/ and look at their antennas. I have heard that the antenna will increase your signal and in turn increase the speed as well. I have seen people on the EVDO plans get faster speeds than what you are getting and it could be that your signal could be just a little bit stronger. But again the antennas aren't too expensive and if it doesn't help you could always send it back.
  4. I wouldn't say just as good a job. I have actually read several bad reviews on AVG. Here is an example of one. Actually Antivir faired better than both of them looks like. http://www.best-cell-phone-reviews.com/images/Sanyo-scp-8200.jpg Ok unity now I see why lol.
  5. If you were going to get more than one if I were you I would just get 2. 1 to leave at home and one to use on the road and at home. Because with the router you can share the connection amongst the computers. Sprint does not mind if you do this in fact they sell one of the routers you can use. Just my 2 cents. O and on the AV we just had a big discussion on this over at wildblue.cc. Basically while AVG is ok Avast is a much better AV. You can see on many AV benchmarks that Avast has a much better detection system than AVG plus it is plenty light on the resources. I have been using it for years and it has never once gave me a problem. I used to use AVG until I got a keylogger that it wouldn't clean. Installed Avast and it zapped it right away. It is free just like AVG, they just require a "free" registration.
  6. Ouch!...Wont you haft to pay $60 a month for each card??? I think I would have went with a router lol.
  7. From what I hear from the Hughesnet users is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Because whenever you switch you are always risking either an improvement and then there is that "other" result.
  8. Isn't this peak time for Hughesnet though? I bet that will bounce back up to where it should be around midnight.
  9. They did not make the pings like this by accident. They have said it themselves. They have "prioritized" http and put everything else on the bottom. Since "most users"(where have we heard that before) only use it for browsing and e-mail. Personally I think that is BS and they just did it so that they could fit more people on their already overcrowded "turd bird" as Murdoch would say.
  10. Yah that is what I have been hearing. There is a way to eliminate this feature, which if they do not fix it themselves I will be taking this route soon. The way you do it is you stop sending in this green substance that they request every month and then the feature magically disappears . Hughesnet is looking more and more friendly everyday.
  11. Sounds like a random port scan to me. Happens all the time whenever I connect to my dial-up connection. As long as it is blocking them(which it is) then you will be fine. Are you using a router?
  12. I get this a lot whenever it is blocking a program I don't want it too. Do you have a static IP? It could be a random port scan. Either way if it is in the log don't worry about it your firewall has done it's job.
  13. Well if they have a protocol that is bogging down the system I could see why they would do that. The new HN700S is supposed to be more "efficient" is what I heard. How are the pings looking?
  14. Hey Storm you wouldn't happen to have any info on what they are planning to do about the high pings time do you? Do you know if they are going to stay the way they are? As far as I have heard they are keeping yall in the dark on that, but I thought I might as well ask lol.
  15. Yep this is the only test site I trust. All the others are inaccurate: speakeasy, BBR, Toast.net. None of them are as accurate as testmy. If you look in current status threads on satellite forums you will see that ALL of them are using testmy. Some of them throw in a speakeasy test or something, but 99% of the time there is a testmy in there with it.
  16. Yah ok I will put this rules were they belong. Right back up their (insert curse word here). Seriously they can say what they want. I am going to do what I want, which is ignore them. This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. They can not and will not tell me what I can say or watch and how I can say or watch it.
  17. You could download 5mb before my signal ever made it back to the dish and started transferring data ...O the beauty of 1800ms(average) latency.
  18. It looks like a marginal EVDO signal to me. Look on this website ---> http://booster-antenna.com/ and try an external antenna. Every ounce of signal counts when it comes to a wireless internet connection. Think of it like your wireless network. The lower the signal, the lower the data rate. Also you could try posting in this forum ---> http://www.evdoforums.com/ dedicated for EVDO in particular. The people there are usually very helpful. That booster-antenna.com is actually that forums website also.
  19. I hate you lol ....Torchoring our poor souls. If you would have posted a ping test I would have broken down into tears.
  20. I don't think you will see anything better than the 150ms average posted earlier. Maybe some day whenever they tweak it better. But I do know for a fact that more signal brings better download speeds. O and I bet you would be surprised at how many games will play with that kind of pings. I am pretty sure that 2142 will play just fine with those pings. Also I bet you could play [glow=green,2,300][shadow=red,left]ANY[/shadow][/glow] Xbox Live game you wanted.
  21. Jeffwalker...You could probably get those speeds up even higher with an external antenna. You can find one here ----> http://booster-antenna.com/
  22. They don't talk like they are planning on it. What they are claiming is they prioritized http and put everything else on the bottom. Although for some odd reason my browsing got worse after the "upgrade"...Hmm...Also if they wanted to actually change what they had set up then could they not just revert back to the old firmware? Personally I think they are morons for messing with it in the first place. My service was as advertised 24/7 and ping times STAYED below 600 and rarely went into the low 600s. I mean if it aint broke don't fix it!!!!
  23. The thing is though is Beam 40 has always been one of the very light loaded Beams. I have never seen a Peak Time slow down since October of 05. So I think it is probably more along the lines of Wildblue doing more tweaking than actual loading. Hopefully their tweaking will end with good performance and I can stay with what I got. But I am not going to hold my breath.
  24. Beam 40 is worse than normal for some reason tonight. But all of the beams are averaging at a minimum of 1100-1300ms. It has been like this since November. No matter what time of the day you will never average below 1100.
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