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  1. Lol it just so happens that I have an HP PSC 2350(I think...It's the Blue All-In-One) on the fritz. Basically whenever you put a photo in it and tell it to print one size it prints a different size.(It does this with whatever size you pick) It is also noteworthy that it is not connected to a computer when it does this. Have you ever heard of anything like this happening? It didn't do this when I first got it either. I personally can not imagine what could be causing this.
  2. TBH I have the best luck with speed when using an OLD version of Bitcomet. I can't remember what version it was. I am on a new comp that I just got a few days ago and it is on the old comp that is boxed up atm.
  3. Hey Abilene, TX is where I go to get my electronics. =p In fact I am typing on an HP computer from the Circuit City there. Also I am on Wildblue!(Unfortunately) I won't be anymore whenever I move to college on the 23rd of this month though.
  4. I finally found the specs for the 9700m GTS for anyone that hasn't seen them yet. Core: G94 Core Freq: 530MHz Shaders: 48 Shader Freq: 1325MHz GFlops/s: 190.8 Texture fill-rate: 24(billion/s) Memory Interface: 256-bit Memory Clock: 800MHz Memory Bandwidth: 51.2GB/s
  5. Does anybody know how the 9700m GTS stacks up against the 8800m GTS? The 9700m GTS has less SP (48 vs. 64), but is clocked a bit faster (530MHz vs. 500MHz). I am not sure which one would equate to have the better performance though. Also I wonder if it would be possible to add another HDD and make the Toshiba a RAID 0?
  6. Yah I looked at that one, but the 8600m video card doesn't quite have the power I was going for.
  7. Turns out DDR3 isn't any faster than DDR2 because of the higher timings atm. But it is indeed sexy.
  8. Ok well I was planning on picking up the Gateway P-173XL in a few weeks, but now Toshiba has come out with a new laptop that looks compelling. I know the Toshiba laptop has faster RAM and I am not sure about the new processor.(It has a slower clock, but a higher bus) I am not sure how the graphics cards compare or which one is the better buy. Setting the price aside which one has better performance? Toshiba: http://explore.toshiba.com/laptops/q...X305/X305-Q701 Gateway: http://www.gateway.com/systems/product/529668093.php I'm basically looking for a laptop with 17" screen, at least 3GB of RAM, no video cards lesser in performance to 8800 GTS, and at no more than $2000. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  9. Use some spit and glue dammit! Or duck tape. Duck tape fixes everything.
  10. GSM is what AT&T uses...Although I think GSM is a voice network not a data network...
  11. Sadly yes...Does anyone know if AT&T's upgraded EDGE speeds work on the wireless cards too? Because if your area has AT&T's upgraded EDGE you could squeeze 200k out of that connection. I know I get that on my Iphone anyway.
  12. That's the problem with the Iphone...You can't copy and paste. My scores were pretty well spot on though.(Right around 1.5mb)
  13. So did I! I am not sure what in the world happened there.
  14. So far I am loving it!(Of course I loved FF 2 as well)
  15. I tested it on my Iphone and it worked like a charm. Nice site!
  16. What if you could find a program that would make the videos into a screensaver? Set the screensaver to the lowest time to activate, turn on the computer and voila.
  17. That is what i was wondering. ^^^^
  18. Yah that should work great. Personally I can't really tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, but maybe thats just me. *shrug*
  19. All so true. Anyway that hates on Bill Gates I think is just jealous! I mean come on this guy has given more to charity then most of us will make in a lifetime!
  20. Lol now that was great! :2funny:
  21. http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/index.php?module=see&lang=uk&code=73b9e5aefa24545a2b3325a19299b151
  22. Personally I am using Vista and absolutely love it. The cache system really makes my computer fly and I absolutely love the start bar search button. I could never go back to XP.
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