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  1. The same place all the people went in the Wildblue forum. When something sucks consistently and there is nothing you can do about it there really isn't much to say other than it sucks.
  2. It must of been brutal torture having to pick out the hot chick backgrounds. Maybe I need to suffer a little torture sometime too.
  3. Oh very nice! This site always has the best wallpapers I have ever seen!
  4. I haven't used Sirius but I have XM built into my pickup and I love it. Price and channel selection would be my main deciding factors if I had the choice.(It was built in though so I just went with XM) Not that I would have chosen Sirius. I have never really looked into it because I am happy with my XM.
  5. Ok I don't have time to read the whole thread right now, but I found testmy by people posting speedtest results on dslreports.com.
  6. Pfft...Political correctness means about as much to me as a used piece of TP. Gotta love the challenge faced when you haft to use what I call "John Wayne" toilet paper though.(Rough, Tough, and wont take no crap off of nobody) It keeps life interesting.
  7. You don't know who Mr. Biggleseworth is!!! How bout now?!?!
  8. It's Mr. Bigglesworth aka Roco!!!
  9. Lol mine scored a 2.1 on graphics.
  10. I know how you feel there. I have a Nvidia 6150 LE. Yah...try running any of todays games on that lol. I have got to where I don't even try anymore! I am hoping to do a little better when I get a laptop for college though.
  11. I honestly don't think I have ever seen a show that made me laugh as hard and as often as Jeff Dunham.
  12. Lol I like the part where he is talking to the guy playing the Guitar...Achmed: You know that game Guitar Hero...I kick your ass...*Guy starts rocking out*....Achmed: Ok maybe Halo...
  13. You can't forget Achmed!!!(In the 2nd one) Silence! I kill you!
  14. Lol I think I can about quote him. Here goes my attempt. "I was at Wal-Mart the other day and a guy pulls into a handicap parking spot. The guy gets out and there's nothing wrong with him! Don't you hate that!...So I ran his ass over. Then his grandmother got out and started switching her crutches at me!...Took her out with the door. Jeff Dunham: Don't you feel bad? Walter: Ah hell they can carpool." ....Yes I have seen it too many times in case that wasn't already obvious.
  15. Lol that reminds me of something. If you have seen Jeff Dunham you will know why that reminded me of this. Anyway me and my dad went to go watch the Mavs vs. Spurs game in Dallas the other day. We saw a guy get out of his pick up(parked in a handicap spot) and there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. Well my dad made the comment "he doesn't look very handicapped to me." Well he barely got that out of his mouth when a guy with a leg amputated up to the knee and on crutches stepped out from the other side. Anyway at this point I am about in tears laughing and if you have ever seen Jeff Dunham you will understand very well why.
  16. Lol now that is classic! Remind me never to get crossways with you lol. =p
  17. There yah go lol. If you are reading this you have just been forced to do unnecessary work to read a sentence that really has no purpose and I am intentionally making really long in order to and strictly for the purpose of getting you to read a very ridiculously long sentence that really honestly you should stop reading now, but yet there you are reading on and on and on when does the madness end yes I know there should have been a period a while ago but oh well. Glad I could be of service. =p
  18. When did that happen? Did I miss it? :2funny:
  19. Lol sneaky bastard. I didn't know that was tiny little text. I thought it was just dots! lol
  20. I'm going to leave this one to Shugs. He's the expert on that sort of stuff.
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