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  1. Yes that's it the magnificent 360 lands another topic.... Last time I posted about a 360, mine was broke. However I got mine back...they had to send a whole new console. So all my game checkpoints where gone....(cursed COD3 ) However my new system is running like a top, and I just recently purchased a basic 32" tv. No fancy flat panel, or flat screen for that matter. Just your regular SDTV. I pulled it in at Wallyworld for an easy $300. One problem remains....it is an iLo. Not to knock the brand, but it is insanely hard to find codes for it seeing as how I'm using my xbox 360 universal remo
  2. Go barebones...then. I'd rather go HP. B/C I already have an HP.
  3. Do you think that's a good decision? Honestly, which computer would you get if you were in my shoes? HP, or Gateway?
  4. Hey, I found out that Vista has an integrated media center. So I'll bump up that price, and get the HP. Instead of the Gateway. More harddrive for me....
  5. So it's the caddy, over the oldsmobile's....sweet. Yea, my friend who is really into computers, told me that that's really a good deal. (2nd opinion) Of course the HP has a bigger hd. But I really need to pick up a portable drive anyways. It's just annoying having to burn countless cd's. And double copying them onto my ipod is just too complicated. It's a waste of space. (Off subject*) I tried to use my ipod at school w/ realplayer, but I copied all the songs to the pc's hd. And now, when I deleted them, I accidently deleted most of them off my ipod. So...I now have to wait until I get back ho
  6. The gateway is looking great. If i need more storage, I'll just buy a 80-100 gb portable drive. Then I won't have to worry about people constantly wantig me to burn cd's for them. I'll just take the drive to their house, and they can get it, and burn their own. Awesome. Go gateway, thanks!
  7. Dude, awesome.That gateway sounds great. Yea, I got a butt load of music. And downloaded TV clips. But I do want to do a little light gaming. No F.E.A.R. or Crysis. You know, nothing it can't handle. Just the casual bit. I'll just use my 360. But I was mainly concerned w/ media center being on Vista. What's the point of having a 360, which uses Media center to connect to PC's, but have all Vista, and no Media center. I trust HP. But I can't go higher on price. As for the gateway, it's practically the same as the HP, but has media center. Some friends of mine have the new HP slimline, 200gb har
  8. Thanks for your help. So will these pc's have windows media center as along w/ vista? And what about other pc's? I don't like dell's at all. What do other companies got going? I'm on dial-up so it's insanely hard to be clicking all around the web...searching for a new computer.
  9. Now that I've sent back my 360 to be fixed, I'm was really bored and starting to wonder about computers... Ok, so it's my b-day soon, and I got a $600 dollar budget. What's the best computer on the market for that cheap. I've been looking at a lot of HP's. I want a computer that had Media center, and of course that free upgrade for Vista whenever it comes out. What are ya'lls suggestions...? I miss my xbox...
  10. Well I now have a gamertag, I haven't got DSL yet, but my friend let me use his connnection so I have a month free. My gamertag is- Jdub Mcdougle. But it will probably change to Anorexic Leader, when I get DSL. But DSL is now the least of my problems.... Here's how it all started... I'm playing Call of Duty 3. I'm in the last part of the game, and I just had to row the boat across the river and take out the MG42's. Well I did that, and then I get outside the house. Well it's late, and my parent's just got home from work, they were both stuck in meetings. I put the game on pause and
  11. Yea, I new that it would definetly help. It's only 5 bucks more a month, maybe I can squeeze that in. Now I can own my college buds, from far away. I can't wait to halo hump this noob at my school who keeps talking smack over live....Thanx!
  12. Hey, I live in Louisiana, which probably has the worst internet ever... I've been on 19.2 kps dial-up for years. Lately Bellsouth has just merged w/ AT&T, and are providing DSL in our area. They offer up to 6 Mbs, but I will probably purchase the 3 Mbs b/c people in my community have it, and I live in the exact center of nowhere. From what I've seen, their DSL runs great, downloadig quicker than ever. I don't have access to cable, so I will be forced to go w/ DSL. My main concern is Xbox Live. I'm an avid gamer, and only get to play live, when I visit friends in college. Will my 3Mbs, be a
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