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  1. daata


    iam using tcp optimizer but no increse in performance
  2. daata


    yaa i cleaned my pc daily, by using CCLEANER & iam also using SPYWARE DOCTOR ,REGISTERY FIXER to increase speed , but iam not getting proper speed , before tweaking iam getting 30 kb/s plz tell me how to increase speed by registery changes iam totally a newbie i do not know what to do ,plz anybody help me
  3. hi iam using bsnl dataone broadband and the speed provided by my ISP is 2mbps ,and iam using xp sp2 and 256 mb ram but iam using avast antivirus and i have cleaned my pc alot, and also using TCP OPTIMIZER , and CABLENUT 408 VERSION BUT iam not getting proper download speed RESUTS OF
  4. how to use HiJack ,plz tell me thanks in advance
  5. hi , i really need help iam newbie plz help me iam using win xp sp 2 and using 2mbps connection provided by ISP & iam getting 60 kb/s download speed , plz help me
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