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  1. tommie thanx man yeah I think the problem does lie with the router. I am using the Dlink router they supplied me with but I also have a Linksys wrt54g that I could put up. which one would you say is better? and how do I tweak it?
  2. Why shouldnt I trust it? My friends all test their fios and they are on wireless and they still get 15mb/s When I hardwired it I got a max of 14mb/s clearly im not optimized. And why would I lose 2mb/s just because I am on a wireless. the wireless max speed is 54 mb/s so I really dont think it is the wireless especially if the router is about 10 m away from me.
  3. i plugged in my laptop directly to the line and I get about 14mb/s where is my extra 1? when I plug it into the router wired I get 13mb/s thats aqnother one lost.
  4. i defragged and I cleaned I still get no more than 12mb/s and I should be getting 15mb/s I know I am being spoilt but I would like to download at that speed. Please help me optimize it thx. I have 1GB of ram which should be more than enough
  5. I am virus and spyware free. I cleaned cache. my max speed that I get on testmy is 11.9mb/s what should I clean in my registry? you mean like a registry cleaner? and why do I want to defrag my hdd? Thanks for the fast reply tommie
  6. Hi there I have had Verizon Fios for about 6 months now and I really love it. I have the 15/2 connection and with my upload I get well over 2mb/s but on my download I only get about 1.3MB/s. I would like to know what steps I can take to get it up to 1.5MB/s. When I use your site the speeds are even lower. I would really appreciate the help. I am using a wireless G network but my computer is less than 4 yards from the router. I dont have any firewall turned on while doing the tests. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 11929 Kbps about 11.93 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB) Downloa
  7. Well im asking this because of a couple of things. I have a 15/2 fios connection but I run it through a wireless router. I am used to getting speed scores of about 12/2 However I have downloaded some files just using the internet and it will show my speeds at about 14mb/s what is up with that? What is also weird is that when I use the test my upload is going at 1mb/s but when I upload using a torrent I get my full 2mb/s even 2.2mb/s Im not complaining, just everytime I test here my balls shrink and I start testing for faults. Any Ideas? One last Question, what is better, the Dlink wi
  8. So what routers do you use? I also have a linksys router if that is any better. Is there a way that I can connect my two routers in one connection? would it be a good Idea? I do have 2 other Pc's with Wireless. One uses a USB linksys wireless adapter(I dont think it is very good though), Mine is a Internal Dlink card. ANd then I have my laptop. Can you explain more on point to point. Thanx alot for your help. I really appreciate it.
  9. Yes you clarified it. I would like to know though. So it isn't normal for my speeds to drop that much?
  10. It was the wireless one. I made a mistake, the router I Use is one I got from verizon. Sorry
  11. Ok When I wire it I get 15 mb/s down and 1.8 up Wireless I get 12.5 down and 1.6 up Is that about as good as I will get it. Should I be content?
  12. I dont get it. you guys are using wireless routers and getting full speeds. My speeds max at 12mb/s Im gonna upgrade my firmware
  13. Why would it be better to daisy chain it? I just don't understand why my connection went from good to awful, or does that just happen?
  14. amc11890: What speeds do you get? Well my router had this setting where I can choose wether I wanted a turbo mode or shit like that. I turned it on yesterday. Today I turned it off again and my speeds are a bit better. Still not what Im paying for. My download is like 11mb/s my upload goes from 0.6mb/s to 1.2mb/s Thanx you guys please keep sending suggestions thanx
  15. Halobox, No I bought mine seperetely. How much difference can it make?
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