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  1. so, there is such a thing as a port for different speeds huh. anyway, i'm already satisfied with my DSL+phone bundle Plan 990 because the advertised speed should only be 384 kbps / 192 kbps but im getting 800+ kbps when downloading. good luck on buzzing your PLDT tech support.
  2. hmm.. ok my bad.. why don't you try both? but i think the one on the pictures will work, because that's the one i used. please try it. i wonder why others haven't notice that. smart man.
  3. its numbered from left to right. with the plug's button facing up. c'mon, study the pictures!
  4. yep, those canned call center questions.. makes you look dumb.
  5. at least you've been getting the service you need from smartbro. hey, that's like getting two lines for one subscription! i wonder if you can put two canopies in your house (using one account) and bridge the connection so it will be faster.. hmmmm..
  6. i agree. but i suggest you switch to a dsl after your contract. IMO, Smart can't really handle all the buzz they've been getting from their service. the base station being misconfigured, canopy being hacked (or tweaked, for that matter), and people who ended their smartbro's subscription and sold it to others so they can hack into a base station, get IPs and get a free internet subscription with smart. all's going too well.
  7. already did all the tweakin there is-- tcp and registry tweaks. i even opened the config page (like that of smartbro's canopy) of zyxel p-600 modem. hah! seems like all of us came from smartbro. anyway, i think my bandwidth here is capped by a limiter. i know a tweak which inlvoves manipulating something in my phoneline but i haven't tried it yet, too lazy and i don't have much time.
  8. my friend was visited last year. he lives on a big compound with 2 smart bro connections. i told him to tweak his canopy but then after a week, he told me he was visited by Smart and was asked not to tinker with the canopy settings again. quite shocking. he even blamed me for it. haha!
  9. why is it different? i remembered paying P2,500 (not P1,200) for the modem only, since the installation is free. they said i will pay my first month subscription when the bill comes at the end of the month.
  10. @ grael19 i'm not sure. has anyone here experienced the same thing?
  11. i guess you gotta have their landline. why don't you quit your old phone and apply for the Landline+DSL package? or just add another phone line in your house.
  12. coolbuster, have you paid the modem already? it's P1,200 (if I remember it right). if not, then you are paying it monthly. here's the official site: PLDT myDSL
  13. hope they fix your connection. i'm in Baguio.
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