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  1. Limache

    sideways video

    I tried getting Quick time Pro to see if i can edit it with that and I dled the serial number and put in the name and serial number but it didn't register as Pro.
  2. Limache

    sideways video

    No lol I have problems with videos that I took, not pictures. Pictures are easy to rotate lol; it's the video I can't.
  3. Limache

    sideways video

    what program are you talking about? The camera itself? There's no way to do it on the computer?
  4. Limache

    sideways video

    Hi I just took a few videos with my camera phone and when I play it on my Macbook, it plays sideways. I was wondering how I can make it play the right side? Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot it was really annoying. I didn't realize it was something as simple as setting it to my homepage. Oh and I was wondering, is there a way I can set my friend's desktop or screensaver to a picture that he can't find? Thinking of putting lemon party on his laptop lol.
  6. everytime I open up firefox it goes off, even when I click on new session so it's still there. I'm on a Mac; does that affect anything? It always opens up www.theinternetiseriousbusiness.com
  7. Unfortunately, a colleague of mine thought it was funny to fuck with my computer and he put that rick roll shit on my macbook. Everytime I open Safari or Firefox it starts up with that Rick Roll bs. How does it work and How do I fix it? It's really annoying and I don't have time for this stupid crap. Strangely, my Opera browser still works though. Btw, is there any way I can get him back lol? I'd like to return the favor but not just Rick Roll him...but something even better like make his entire screen black or have a a bunch of naked guys on his screen non stop. Preferably if I could do it by USB but i'm open to any other ways too lol. I really want to get back at this guy.
  8. Hm so all I have to do is put in the DNS server numbers and it'll instantly give me better browsing speeds and more reliability? If I use these numbers, will Azureus be affected? Also, since I have a Macbook, do I have to set the DNS server numbers for Airport (wi-fi) and the ethernet option or will setting DNS numbers for one set it for both?
  9. I think that's for Earthlink DSL, not Earthlink cable, which is what I have. I talked to an Earthlink DSL technician who gave me two DNS numbers but then when he found out I had Time Warner/Earthlink Cable, he said that those DNS numbers are only for DSL.
  10. Is TSR Technical Support Representative? Sorry I don't know as much of the jargon because I don't post here that much (i think that'll change now lol). How would I know if I have DNS problems? I don't work for a WISP so I can't use VNC and use a work computer lollll. Oh and what's opendns? Btw, I actually called Time Warner a few days ago because I was trying to get my port forwarded for my bittorrent lol. I didn't tell them that of course but I told them I needed to get the DNS server numbers. She said that it's all automated so that she can't even give me the numbers because she doesn't know them. Is that true? btw, the reason I wanted the DNS server numbers was because I was reading on portforward.com that you had to get the DNS numbers to create a static ip.
  11. Oh sorry for the confusion about the ISP. It is ONE ISP because Time Warner owns subsidaries of ISPs (Road Runner, Earthlink) so I wanted to be clear about which one I used lol. But yeah, we're all using the same ISP. Okay, so someone was telling me that because my ethernet was plugged into the router (but not being plugged into my laptop), he said that the wi-fi wasn't working until after he unplugged the ethernet from the router. Does that really happen or is he just mistaken? Also, he says that yesterday that a few times an error page from Earthlink popped up saying that it won't let him connect or that it was really slow. Could that possibly be from people in the neighboring area who watch cable tv or use cable internet? Also, is the speed between ethernet and wi-fi very significant?
  12. Hi I have five laptops in my house that use wi-fi. My laptop uses an ethernet connection and I was wondering if that has any significant effect on the other four laptops? Someone complained to me that his internet doesn't work or is slow when my ethernet is plugged in the router, even when the ethernet was not plugged into my laptop. Btw, my ISP is Time Warner Cable (Earthlink Cable)
  13. Hi, I've been using Azureus for BT for a while now but I noticed that when I checked the port, it said that the port was closed. So I tried to use portforwarding.com to fix that. The guide said that I need a Static Ip in order to forward a port? I entered a manual configuration instead of using the auto DHCP but the DNS server was blank. It said that I need to call the ISP for the DNS server. I called up Time Warner and when I asked them for it, they said that they don't have it and that it's all automatic. Is that true? Do I still need the DNS server numbers in order to forward it? Btw, I also have a belkin wireless G router. After all that, it didn't work and instead my internet was disconnected. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Oh and I'm using a Macbook with OS X 10.4.
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