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  1. bro since u can acces you can acces your canopy try resetibng to default or factory settings then try again,i think u must have change some setting on the dhcp setting,
  2. remember the motorola override plug?? as i said before u just need to connect the number4 pin to number 6 pin i discovered that the number 6 pin is the ground so u just have to open your canopy literally and look for the number4 pin and solder it to number 6 no need override plug but be careful just need a single strand wire like 2 inch of it and solder it carefully to pins 2 and six to rj11 connector receiver inside the canopy.now you can do the tweak but be careful specially if u have a router coz what happened to me b4 when i change some seting i i can acces intenet using 1 pc but
  3. as i said if you anal lise the wiring diagram u just have to get single strand wire and put 1 end to number4 slot and the other to number 6 to your rj11 6 pin then crimp it boy coz thats the main idea here,, the 4 and six pins to be shorted .. simple smart like me why need the 6 inch cat cable..u can get 1 wire of that cable and cut 2 inches of that solid wire insert in 4 and 6 pin slot then presto,,, small tiny handy overide plugette weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. this is so noobie... why not just get 1 wire and put 1 end to the number 6 slot and the other to number 4 coz thats the main idea here wtf hahahah try to analize the wiring since u will not connect anything on the other end so it is useless.. just get 1 wire put the 1 end to number4 slot and the other end to number six simple smart omg im so smarttttt :evil:
  5. my fastest for now with help of cable nut
  6. Logo Home Configuration Statistics Tools Logs Account PDA Copyright Login * Home * Configuration * Statistics * Tools * Logs * Account * PDA * Copyright * Login Account: none Level: ADMINISTRATOR General IP Radio SNMP Quality of Service (QoS) Security VLAN VLAN Membership DiffServe Protocol Filtering NAT NAT Port Mapping Unit Settings Configuration => Quality of Service (QoS) 5.7GHz - Subscriber Module - 0a-00-3e-f6-90-30 MIR Bandwidth Settings (Uplink + Downlink) Sustained Data Rate <= 7000 kbps Sust
  7. hey bro what do u mean?that it worked on 1 account? if so email me [email protected]
  8. hey im using a router connected to 3 pcs but this tweak thing wont work i think my router is blocking it.my router is linksys befsr41 when i try to find the canopy ip by typing asp -a in command promp it show my router ip linksys default ip so i cant go tpo canopy setting and my router have qos it self
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