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  1. Thanks for your response, but I finally sorted it out. The router I have apprently doesnt work well with VPNs, but its got VPN capabilities, go figure. So I had a spare cisco router and configured it through command lines and now it works like a dream - still kind of odd that a VPN approved router, cant handle more than 1 VPN connection
  2. OK, I have the opprotunity at my job to work at home with my wife, which is a dream of mine. The problem seems simple but its dumbfounded me. We was provided with Igel computers, thinkpads basically. To connect, we connect through a VPN. My network is running through a WRT150N Wireless router. A quick scenario; My wife connects to the VPN fine, and logs in to her station. As soon as I click the connect button for my VPN login, her computer locks up, and mine continues to connect. This works vice versa too. I do have VPN Passthrough enabled on my router, and made sure everything I could was enabled to make this work. This router I bought about 6 months ago, and I'm pretty sure it could do the job. I contacted my IT department, and they said they have connected multiple computers through the VPN on a standard router that was provided to them and worked fine. The IT guy told me to try a new router, but bfore I got spend the money I wanted some input from you guys. Could this be on my end, or possibly their network end not allowing more than 1 connection from the same IP address?
  3. Unplug router and modem for 10 seconds, and shut your pc off. Plug your modem and router back in and let it cycle as well turn your pc on after all lights on modem have came up.
  4. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-10093875-83.html?tag=TOCmoreStories.0
  5. I hated Suddenlink. HATED IT WITH A PASSION. Horrible Service. Horrible Connectivity. Rarely would I even get 1 Meg connection on it when i pay for 5. now I have 20 Meg connection with Insight.. all is well, and suddenlink can burn in hell.
  6. Well, more power to you, and yet again, good luck on your cafe.
  7. So your asking how to save playlists?
  8. Playmates, maybe im just dirty minded, but reminded me of playboy. I think New Horizon's would be a good name, but its your shop, and i wish you luck on it.
  9. Have you been in contact with HughesNet about this? They should be able to track what information is coming and being sent from where, and since you lost a bit of money from paypal, they should be more than willing to help you, and also you should confront the police about this matter as well. Other than that, I have no other information for you, just to follow up with HughesNet, and have them check the listings of logs they have for your internet.
  10. All I know about svchost is it is a required system component. Deleting it will only make your system not functional. dont confuse SVCHOST.exe with SCVHOST.exe. The presence of scvhost may indicate a virus. Having 5/6 SVCHOST.exe is completely normal.
  11. I have 5 running, 1 On Local Service, 1 on Network Service, and 3 On system.
  12. It's always good to have a backup method.
  13. Kentucky, if that counts for anything.
  14. Why? Why would you do this to yourself. That's inhumane and unnecessary. Cruel.... Disgusting..
  15. I use to call them daily, and it wouldn't help. I would get directed to Texas where their main office is and go through the same shit; Unplug modem for 30 seconds for recycle, restart PC, Plug up My modem, plug up my routers, and it would seem fixed until about 30-45 minutes later. Suddenlink is horrible, and I'm not reccomending them to anyone.
  16. Ive done this before, they told me it was a faulty modem, and they replaced it, but their service is horrible. Ive had a tech aspose to come to my house for 2 weeks, and none show. I'm guessing its their problem.
  17. So, my internet is very shitty, and right now I am going through Bankruptcy and cannot be binded to a contract at the moment to switch my provider so I am stuck with Suddenlink, 1 Meg Up. Enough for me to play my online game and surf the net for now. I decided to track my progress of my internet connection and got this; Do you know how, or what could be the problem here, besides bandwidth being ate up, which cannot be on my end because I have no uploads at all on my PC, and my sisters PC I have hidden a Upload / Download limit program on her computer to fix that problem. Is it my fault, or their fault? 1:43 AM 1050 Kbps or 1.1 Mbps (128 kB/s) 2:21 AM Download :: 1093 Kbps or 1.09 Mbps (133 kB/s) 2:31 AM 239 Kbps or 0.2 Mbps (29 kB/s) 2:39 AM 226 Kbps or 0.2 Mbps (28 kB/s) 2:42 AM 247 Kbps or 0.2 Mbps (30 kB/s) At this point I go to sleep I come home from school and immediately run tests 3:15 PM 44 Kbps or 0.04 Mbps (5 kB/s) 3:42 PM 46 Kbps or 0.04 Mbps (5 kB/s) 4:35 PM 47 Kbps or 0.05 Mbps (6 kB/s) 5:37 PM 83 Kbps or 0.08 Mbps (10 kB/s)
  18. I can only help with so much, I begin my college this year and will be majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Electronic Engineering, so I will be turning here to ask questions if needed, so I'm going to help as much as I can with people's problems around here. Never know when you might need them to help you.
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