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  1. No not even sure where I would for that. Would this be on our machine or would this be something in the web hosts, or on the web hosting?
  2. I have tried almost everything that was suggested. So is this something with the ISP or the web host or could it be the MTU's?
  3. We did we used filezilla. Filezilla still shows a timing out. So what else could it be? Could it be MTU? If it is how in the owrld do you fix MTU in network or modem or router?
  4. also when this server was down we had a windows 7 box 64 bit with gig of ram on here and the same thing. Also there is a windows 2008 32 bit server on this network. all are doing the same thing.
  5. Replace Router with new router. removed router and went straight from modem. I remember that we had a problem simliar to this before when we first got Cavtel and we used DR tcp to straighten it out, but from my understanding that DR tcp will not work on windows server 2008. so any other ideas?
  6. There is no line with "AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed".
  7. First off Thanks this is our Domain server as well as our Media server thus all of the Mem. We built this from the ground up for under 1500.00. Oh forgot over 7 TB of HD space. We were using dream weaver, but since the problem occurred we have tried filezilla which get the files up but it still times out and takes a long time.
  8. Hi everyone. I am using Cavtel's DSL. I am on Windows Server 2008 r2 Box with two AMD quad four opetrons. 20 gigs of memory. I am using dream weaver to upload to an online FTP web hosting site. When we had windows server 2008 standard our upload was working great. No problem. Hard drive locked up lost all date and upgraded to server 2008 r2. Now when we try to up load to the ftp it times out. The files we are uploading is about 50 mb and they time out or skip the file. If I up load a smaller file it is no problem. These are video files that we upload two a week. It is about 4 or 5,
  9. Hay for all of you who are having problems with your download and upload speeds. Here is a little trick we found and it has been working great for us. You need to download Drtcp. Once you download that you need to set up your Tcp Ip in DRtcp with this. Your recieve windows put in 32767 then down on the bottom put in the MTU window 1300. That should help if you are using a Router.
  10. We order Earthlink and got Static Ip, but we can not connect with static IP. Everytime we reboot we get a different IP. I have called them and they said that it had not been assigned. It has been three day since we switched to earth link. Now one Rep tell me that if you have mor ethen one pc that you can not assign a Ip to a router. Has any one heard anything like this before and if so is it true? If so what is a way around it? We are trying to run a Web site and shout cast. We have windows xp pro and are running two router as a dmz. All help would be appreciated.
  11. Ok Here is the skinny. After about almost a week I am proud to announce that I am Posting from our new server. What I think happen was that My wife went and got something on here and it was causing conflicts and that is why I could not get into the router and set up the IP's. Well I happen reinstall the software and now it is working like a charm. I would like to thank each and everyone for helping us with this project. We are waiting for verizon to take our lines back and we are going to give earthlink a try. After we get Earthlink setup we should be online with our new websit
  12. Thank you it did give me some insight but it seems tha tthere is a problem with which number to use as the default gateway.
  13. what would be the default gateway address? The 1st router or the 2nd routers ip and the make a static ip for the router?
  14. Ok I will give it a try and what happens. the Wires look like I have them that way already i just think it is something to do with the IP address that is keeping it from working like I want it too. In what you are saying is exactly what I am trying to do. That is keeping hackers from the other three pc that are on our Network. Thank you. I will let you know how it goes. Pastor J. Allen Pennington
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