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  1. Should i buy the Packard Bell Easynote MB? Here are the spec's http://www.packardbell-asia.com/products/notebooks/easynote-mb/EasyNote-MB85-008/productsheet-PB88Q004B2-1319.html I'm going to upgrade the ram's to 2gig's.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a huge problem... please help!! I work at an office where 1 computer tower fell and the whole system crashed. When i started the computer again the harddisk wasnt deteced. Also the server harddisk stopped working. After taking it to a technican, he said the problem is with bad sectors. How can i fix these problems. Note that the servers harddisk is partitioned, it detects d and e but not c Please help urgently.... Thank you
  3. Each pc has its own network card, and its own wireless device. I got as many cables as you need but no router.
  4. im a computer noob i tried just connecting them with a LAN wire but it didnt work. BTW one of them is a HP Vista, if that makes a difference
  5. hey all, is there any vvay i can connect 3 laptops together.
  6. cant restore its been running like that for about 3 monthes. Its so frustrating
  7. i meant hoiw to post a picture into a forum
  8. Sorry still not working... BTW how do u put pictures? Thank You for the welcoming
  9. You guys know when u watch a movie on ur laptop so u put ut battery mode to always on or whatever? I no longer have this option. Im no computer wizard but im a movie alcoholic and it gets very annoying i have to move the mouse every 1 min. Please PLEASE help!! Thnk u in advance
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