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  1. ^Send them a vitriolic letter of complaint. That's what I did and our connection now is much better.
  2. ^I've already figured out where to find it. Just this day, my connection is consistently good. I don't know if it's because of the complaint letter I sent them. Maybe they moved me to a new sector/base station. BTW, here are my AP EVAL stats: Jitter: 1-4 RSSI: 999-1010 SectorUserCount: 12 Others have 4 SectorUserCount but they have low RSSI (400). BTW, I don't have an access to my antenna because it's positioned on our roof. If I press Rescan AP without moving the antenna, will there still be some changes?
  3. At around 1-5 am (daily), my internet speed becomes a stable 350Kbps+ but this value begins to drop at around 7 am onwards (80-100Kbps). What could this mean? A clog caused by too many subscribers (during day/nighttime, except for the wee hours of the morning as I've said)? I was just thinking that all the more I have the reason to complain because definitely the problem isn't with my PC (as they keep on purporting). Maybe it's with their signal or base station.
  4. BTW, can anyone of you give me the default canopy settings? I'm going to reset it because a technician might visit our place. Just to be safe. Thanks!
  5. ^I see. I'll let them know that. Thanks. But anyway, could you people give me an advice on how to talk to their CSR and get them to do something other than type a freaking report? They keep on saying that they have already reported/escalated the complaint to their technical staff. I've called them 5 times already and they keep saying the same thing.
  6. I have a question for those who have fast connection speeds. How much free hard disk space do you have? I called SmartBro customer care again and they told me that my slow connection could be due to my low hard disk space (14 GB). I just want to confirm this before I buy additional memory/HDD. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I don't know but for some reason, I obtained a fast connection just right now: 5 minutes later: 15 minutes later: This is the fastest I have gained so far. I hope this will continue for a long time.
  8. ^Should I change my canopy settings to default? What if they find out that I tweaked the settings?
  9. ^Here's my canopy settings now: I've done it correctly right? And I also pressed "reboot" after. BTW, I'm located at Taytay.
  10. Awfully low even after the tweak. What could be the problem?
  11. Oops, sorry. Is Tagalog not allowed? Anyway, as I was saying, I changed the canopy settings (motorola, corresponds with the sample image). But when pressed "reboot," I got disconnected. After waiting for a few moments, my connection went back but I cannot open any website. So what I did was to revert to the default IP address setting on the Control Panel. What should I do after pressing "reboot"? Do I really need to revert to the old settings after accessing the canopy? Thanks!
  12. Triny ko i-tweak 'yung canopy settings (motorola, kapareho nu'ng nasa image). Kaso nu'ng ni-reboot ko, nawala 'yung connection. Then nu'ng nag-connect ulit (wala akong ginagawa basta na lang ulit nag-connect), wala namang ma-open na sites. Kaya ang ginawa ko binalik ko 'yung dating settings sa Control Panel (yung sa IP address na default). Ano ba gagawin after pindutin 'yung "reboot"?
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