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  1. actualy is a local proxy used by google web accelerator, you got that speed because it was cached by accelerator, so in short the result that you are getting is not the real speed that you are getting from smartbro, you can try it by yourself go to google and type google web accelerator.... hheheh no offense just sharing. cheerz
  2. i guess this is the one that you use? tsk tsk tsk
  3. just a question do you know javascript injection? actually you can change that value using javascript injection on your web browser, and i dont want to talk about hacking stuff here if you want to it more maybe you email me or send me a PM, if you know how to use javascript void method you can change it even it is disabled (the input box) here is a sample "javascript:void(document.form[0].ip.value="")" <--- this will change the value of IP in form 0, just send me a PM if you want the actual application, another method is to modify the source code of the page, and also as what i
  4. @ExtremeFusion my software version is 8.0, and also i dont have that option "NAT Public Network Interface configuration" also i notice that you have admin account (not the level), actually there are to access for the canopy one is installer access and one is admin, on my part, my user is set to none, which is the installer access i guess (since it was also use by the installer/contractor when they setup my canopy page), can you give me a full shot of your canopy page? including the menus
  5. @ExtremeFusion Regarding the DMZ host if you read again my instruction there it is a suggestion to disable it, as you can see i enable it on my canopy,because i have extra layer of security which is my router, so every connection going to my ip pass my router before it can reach my pc so i can filter all connection. but actualy you can enable it if you notice too its default disabled even other router disabled it by default, anyways lets try the other way i guess you are almost done with this, as what i have said lets try another thing just for purpose of testing. 1. enable DMZ host
  6. @ExtremeFusion You have to setup your IP manually: and what is that DNS? you can also leave that dns server to automatic, you are getting that because your gateway ip address is the NAT public parameter, is the IP for your Radio. try to figure this out: if NAT is enabled base station -> radio -> NAT -> lan if nat is disabled basestation -> radio -> lan the nat is acting like a router. there are two way to access you canopy if your NAT is enabled: 1. access it via your gateway (if you set it up with 16
  7. @ExtremeFusion try my suggestion, can you give me the configuration that you have made on your NAT? like IP address, subnet, ang gateway? check out this: http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/1561/canopysy1.jpg
  8. @ExtremeFusion try my suggestion, can you give me the configuration that you have made on your NAT? like IP address, subnet, ang gateway?
  9. @coolbuster Yes my NAT is enabled. and also just follow my instruction on that page, specially the IP address that you use and what is the default you have to write it down on the notepad, in that way you can roll back your configuration, if there's something goes wrong. if anyone has a problem after trying to tweak your NAT you can send me PM and ill see what i can help P.S. this instruction are only for those who are already familiar with the configuration of their canopy. i suggest to contact technically versed person, you can send me a PM but dont blame me if you messed up your
  10. @ExtremeFusion can you give me a screen shot of your canopy page for you NAT settings? lets try to figure it out. regarding your mac address you can see it on your configuration page or you have to setup your ip to: IP add: subnet: gateway: then try to "arp -a"
  11. @ExtremeFusion did you successfully configure your NAT? good, hehehe, now you see the advantage of NAT enabled canopy. it simply you can access your canopy without changing your IP and disconnect on the net, except if you reboot your canopy. dont forget to enable your uPNP,CHEERS @g_36 yes, you are right dude, one more question, do your vonage phone has its own router?
  12. @ExtremeFusion you have to set up Radio Public Network Infterface Configuration: 1. on the "IP address" use your current IP (192.168.XXX.XXX) you can check it by running "ipconfig /all" in your command prompt. 2. Subnet Mask: <--- smartbro subnet mask 3. Gateway IP Address: <--- smartbro default gateway 4. click save (dont reboot yet) 5. setup your NAT Private network interface configuration: a. you can use any local address just like a router e.g. 192.168.1 <--- after you setup all and reboot your canopy your default gateway w
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