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  1. Alrighty Well, I think the Actiontec M1000 will be more common in the next couple of weeks or so. Post up if you have any information on this.
  2. Testmy please take control of ur user's actions please. edit.. gladly.. i just fixed part of one. no one's forcing you to come here, chill out or leave.
  3. Hey guys, I'm just wondering how much difference it will make by upgrading to the M1000 which I will be receiving shortly in the mail. I know that modems to support a certain amount of speed and I see that the M1000 can have 25 down and 1up. I wasbasically wondering if anyone had upgraded to this new modem and can tell me if it helped and by how much. Thanks
  4. ever since I joined this "testmy" site there have been fucking spammers spamming every little thread I make and its getting on my nerves. PLEASE ADMINS* make a punishment for spamming... one week ban from site or from being able to login? 2 weeks if 2nd time for spamming and 2 months if 3rd? idk.
  5. 0lie

    High Ping

    how did u test ur ping?
  6. how can u not say thers hardly any spammers because within 10 minutes 2 people posted about somthing random... I really don't know why people do this.. I think its to show off how dumb they accually are. PLEASE NO MORE SPAMMING. now to my previous question.
  7. STOP SPAMMING WOW!!!... seriously I hate when people spam and say nothing EVERN IN THE WRONG POST. I can't stant TESTMY... people should have consequences for it.
  8. is there ANYTHING I mean ANYTHING except to get a higher internet connection accept for Cable for that is not available here that I can do to make my lead smaller so I don't have to aim ahead of them so much just to kill them for Halo PC?
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any good UDP tweaks but I'm not sure if u can tweak UDP. Also for anyone who plays halo who has a good tweak for there lead for I can't stand mine anymore. Thnx
  10. uhg anyone have any answeres?
  11. Hey guys... I have a question for anyone who knows where Qwest central office is and where Earthlink Central office is. This is for DSL and I was also wondering which one would be best for my location which is NE Iowa and I also know that its available... all I'm wondering is which will I get the best speed becuase from what I hear, the location of the Central offices does matter. THNX
  12. 2 oced GTX's don't make it heh? LOL k and his pc was over 6000 bucks so meh there u go.... it helps to have an amazing amount of ram good processor ect. later.
  13. sorry... I just re read my posts from earlier.. I meant that my card get 150 on EVERYTHING full not 250... mybad. heres the SS though http://img20.imageshack.us/my.php?image=halo2007041317592492qx6.jpg
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