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  1. Connection is:: 883 Kbps about 0.9 Mbps (tested with 579 KB) Download Speed is:: 108 KB/sec ok, my question is why is my download speed so slow? im using the DW6000 connected with a cat5 directly into my NIC. of course, tech support appears to be outsourced to India. so, that rules out their help because i cant understand a damned word they say. they told me to test my speed at this site, and my skepticism says you people are in cahoots. hopefully not, as being in cahoots with DirecWay is grounds for a flood of ill-tempered posts from angry hillbillies everywhere. that would eat up some serious server bandwidth. i like the "always on" connection. i like that it is better than dial-up. i like it alot except for the FAP and other things other people dont like. im sure you have read too many posts about all that before, so i digress. for the price, DirecWay should only be used by people in the Amazon jungle. as i live in the hills of Arkansas, i qualify. now, before i fire up my bass boat and head across the Atlantic to strangle a tech support Ghandi, can someone tell me if there is anything i can do about my download speed? thank ya'll.
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