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  1. modem 1 Authentication: PAP compression: MPPC modem 2 Authentication: MD5 CHAP compression: None On modem 1 you are using PAP & MPPC compression.Password Authentification protocol On modem 2 you are using MDS CHAP & no compression.MD5 Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol That should be the start of a place to look.
  2. There could be several reasons your connection is slower.First your rural loop(line) is probably copper ,Has load coils & may be range extenders for voice quality.Voice quality is what the telephone company is concerned with.You mentioned the minimum requirements for the phone company .They are so low they are useless.Last time I checked something like 14k. Not much you can do about any of that.Here are some things you can try. 1.Disconnect eveything plugged into a phone jack in your home but your computer modem.Especially any phone you have connected to the modem(something you shoul
  3. Roco Agnitum Outpost Firewall has a free version 1.0.1817.1645 it's pretty good for a free version..If I remember right you have to surf the site some to find it.
  4. I don't know if this is tech enough but it's a start.Normally you just right click your mouse to "save picture as".Some sites won't let you do this & have a warning not to take their pictures. On these images that do this if you press the right & left mouse button at the same time it will ""save picture as". Here are a couple of screen shots of the same image the first is with only a right click 7 the second is with right & left at the same time.It works for me anyway.
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