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  1. now im thinking about getting this cpu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103674

    that would be a dramatic improvement to my pc. I watch a lot of TV and while im running other programs on my computer at the same time. I also do alot of video converting as well.

    Or i could just get a new cpu and a new hard drive, but i dont know if i want to put that much money into my computer at this time.

    Plus i'm gonna be spending 200 bucks on windows 7

  2. or i could upgrade my cpu. right now i have a Amd 2.4 x2 4600. i might see a bigger difference if i would go for a better cpu. i would get a lot more for my money.

    I have been looking at the prices of the solid state drive drives and they are a lot more than i thought.

  3. Hey guys.

    Now that windows 7 is out i want to upgrade my computer before i get it. I mostly just want a new hard drive. I want to get a solid state drive to run windows and some other programs. I will keep my 300 gig drive for my other files.

    I just want to know what you guys think about this. any if you had any advice for the new solid state drive. Thx

  4. sorry guys for spamming. if a mod could edit these together or something that may help. but sorry for the spamming.

    ok so on the back of the ps3 is a AV multi out....so could i use that and just use the red and white cables and put them into a converter that changes it to 3.5mm headphone jack and plug that into my headphone jack on my speakers?  at the same time i will be using the hdmi out on the ps3 and changing the hdmi to dvi to use my monitor as a display. this should work right? isnt it true that i can choose to have video hdmi to dvi and choose the audio to still be the AV multi out which will be converted and plugged into a headphone jack? hell i dont know, i just want sound.

    thats what i do with my PS3. it works just fine. although i use a 13 inch TV to convert the RCA cable to 3.5mm headphone jack. so i plug in my 2.1 system into.

  5. well, i got got lucky. I was able to boot into safe mode by logging in as the administrator. All i had to do was enable all the accounts. I was actually looking forward to reformatting my hard drive and starting over from scratch. There's a lot of crap that needs to be deleted. I'm not going to mess with my computer anymore :haha: well, at least for a few days anyway.

    Everything seems to be working fine. And for my keyboard and mouse not working, logitech is sending me a new one.  :grin2:

  6. im using linux ubuntu right now. so i can copy all of my files over to another computer easily. Thats one good thing about dual boot systems.

    Since you never password protected the admin account, boot into safe mode, then log in as  "administrator " , no password. You should be in.

    I know you said you r admin account has been disabled, but there is always an administrator account on the machine, there has to be. If this doesn't work, there is another option, although it's not as simple as you might think, none the less, Iv'e used it many times, and it works. Buy I have also lost everything by using it one time, out of a couple dozen. The tool is a bootable cd. Download the attachment, burn it, boot to it. When you get stuck, let me know, I'll try and walk you through.

    Oh yea, I hope you have another machine to d/l this from, and burn it.

    I was just thinking why would windows allow me to disable all the accounts.  I remember the password to the administrator account but is said the account was disabled. I want to copy over my files to be safe.

  7. Well, my computer has been working just fine since i got it fixed. Im just an idiot for what i did.

    My motherboard has "Instant Boot" really cool feature, my computer boots up in about 6 seconds. however, it take a long time to shut down. It has to shut down, reboot and then shutdown again. The problem was that i had to log in when i rebooted, Which sucked because i had to wait for it. So me being the idiot, I disabled all the account. Now i cannot log in.

    The administrator account does not work, it says i the name and password is wrong(I never put a password on it). and my other account says its disabled.

    I need to know how to fix this problem. I tried safe mode and i get the same problem so i cant log in to safe mode.

  8. Guess what, i have another problem. 

    This time its my wireless mouse and keyboard not working. I have a logitech ex110 wireless combo. The reciever shows 3 lights all the time, even when the PC is shut down. I have the same problem when i connect it to my PS3. that leads my to conclude that there is a problem with the receiver itself. Right now i have a mouse and keyboard connected to my PC using the ps-2 ports.

    I have replaced the batteries, updated all the software. In the device manager it only shows the ps-2 mouse and keyboards. so the computer is not recognizing it at all.

    Hopefully this is an easy fix. 

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