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  1. well, on the screen that lets me go into safe mode. there was an option  that said "load from last known configuration" so i clicked on that. It seems to be working, however i need to reactivate windows. the problem with that is i'm not getting an internet connection to allow me to do that.

  2. For some reason your config has changed startup value. Type  start, run, cmd, then  "msconfig " , and change setting back to defaults. Restart.

    i tried that in safe mode. and it still does not work. i am a little confused on the "type" part of it. i "clicked" on start, run, load normal start up.

  3. Well, I need a new motherboard. Most of you know my problem already. So now i need suggestions on a new motherboard.

    Cheaper is better, I don't want to spend alot of money on this.

    Here's some of the minimum requirements:

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 (but able to run a quad core if I decide to upgrade in the future)

    DDR2 800MHz ram (preferable 4 slots, even though i only have 2- 1gig sticks)

    ATI Radean HD 3850 PCI Express 2.0 16x

    DVI output(VGA, HDMI optional)

    2 USB ports

    Onboard video a plus, but not necessary

    Atleast 1 lineout audio jack(everything else is optional)

    If you need anything else just let me know.

    This is one I found:


    (Its very similar to the one I already have)

    Edit: there no rush on this, I just wanted to get a good idea on whats out there.

  4. I don't think that there was a power surge, I really think that something touched the inside of the case, or something,  when you put the other, not the new, PS in, and shorted the motherboard out.

    when i had that old crappy PS in, it was working. but what your saying is that because of the PS somehow shorted out the MB.

    Well at least you are buying a new one at a great time, when you have a new power supply  :haha:  Sorry man, I'm just that way, look on the bright side, right ?

    I just can;t think of anything else other than that little power plug thing I mentioned.

    If this was a year ago i wouldn't really care if i had to buy another one. I had money a year ago.

  5. Be careful on the carpet w/ any electronic parts, static will kill them instantly.

    oh well, Nothing is going to get me more pissed off at it

    i took out all of the ram and tried it and there should be a beep to indicate that there is no ram, but there is no beep. it is looking more like the MB is bad.

  6. I wouldn't go pulling the CPU unless I knew I had a compatible board, and thermal grease, and you have ruled everything else out. I would say no, not the CPU because your not showing the bios. The problem is before the CPU comes into play. It doesn't POST, then it's a system board, memory, power issue. I'm sure there's others that it could be but you get the idea.

      So starting at the beginning,  it was running, then lights flickered, and nothing else, right ?

    correct, its started running as soon as i plug it into the wall. everything seems to run fine. There are NO beeps(i'm not sure if there was any before this problem, because i never paid attention to that)

    On a side note I just found out i an take my MB out of my case without actually unscrewing everything. heres a pic. (the pic was taken with my cell phone so its kinda poor quality)

  7. Is there a way i can test the cpu to make sure its still good. I know that you can take it out and put it into another MB to see if it works, but i dont know anyone that has a MB that would work, everyone has intel.

    I've tried using only 1 stick and it didn't do anything. I could possibly take the memory out of my parents computer, but i'd have to see if theres would even work.

  8. You posted that the machine worked fine w/ another PS in it, so whats different since then ?

    since the time when it worked with a different PS, i switched the PS with an older one that noone was using, and during that time i had a power outage; which blew that PS(i think).

    and now here we are at the beginning again.

    I just tested the new PS and hard drive and they work just fine.

  9. yeah im positive the 4 plugs on the MB is the only one that is an exact match.

    when i plug it in everything turnes on. i even here beeps. i just get no picture

    edit: cd drive works, hard drive is on(light is also on), cpu fans is running, both fans are running.

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