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  1. right now i dont know what ill get, ill probably end up buying something that costs more than i would like to spend. its like when i bought my monitor, i walk into best buy to buy a 19" for about $100 i end up walking out spend $230 for a 22 inch, but i dont regret that, because i love the screen. 

  2. ok so your harddrive is sata but your dvd drive is ata 100. i can look for one of those...just a moment

    ok sorry if i missed this but what video card do you have again? i seem to remember a ATI i just dont remember the model


    ati radean hd 3850

    the fans do plug into my PS

    here is what i have






  3. I know that computer parts will eventually fail, but my PS was not even 2 years old. my parents have had computers that are close to 10 years and there PS is still running just fine. The most ironic thing is that my computer was the one that always worked, nothing was ever wrong with it.

    If my PS just had a rail(i still not sure what that means) wrong with it than shouldn't i be able to fix that somehow. My brother an electrician and went to school for computer engineer or something like that. i'm going to give the PS to him and see if he can find out anything.

    but in the end, I will probably have to buy a new PS. That should fix my problems.

  4. im just pissed off at my computer. the past 2 days before all this trouble i was trying to get my computer to work with my PS3. i finally figured out the problem with it. Some of my files were incompatible with the PS3. that is why i was converting them, which caused my power supply problem. Now im hoping nothing else got fried this time.

    this is wierd, when i plug in the (old)PS everything turns on. and the cpu fan runs for a little bit then stops

    what shall i do next?

    heres some other questions i would like answered:

    Why did my first power supply fail?

    Did it have something to do with my converting movies?

    Did my old 250watt PS cause that power outage for the entire house or was it the power outage cause the PS to fry? and why?

  5. i cant believe this shit!

    i just finished installing the 250 watt power supply, and everything was running good. so i left it run for a little while maybe 15 minutes. and in that 15 minutes my power in my house suddenly shut off for a second. when i went to check my computer, i found it to be dead. This time there was a smell, like something fried in it. So all the work of removing my old PS and putting in the other PS was all for nothing.

    now im wondering why this power outage would fry my PS.

  6. yeah that would work for a while. i wouldnt keep it in there though.  :wink2:

    hopefully you are luckier than i am and have a computer shop somewhere closer than 40 miles away. :wink:

    im not that much luckier i have to drive around 30 miles to computer store.

    are the power supplies repairable?

  7. ill probaly find a cheap one somewhere.

    but my brother has a old 250 watt one that hes not using, im wondering will that be enough to run my machine untill i can find a new one.

    it will not be able to run my graphics card, but i don't really use it that much anyway.


    i switch my power supply, and now i can get to my bios screen.

    now all i have to do is buy a new powersupply or try and fix the this one. i ripped the power supply out of my parents computer and plug it into my machine and it works. but its only 250 watt power supply, not enough for what i need.


  9. ok i missed this post. it may be your pci slot if nothing else.

    and even if yoru cpu isnt working it should get the bios anyway correct?

    theres nothing in the pci slot, i took out the video card.

    i would think you could get to the bios without a cpu

  10. i've been looking around and reading about others who have had this problem. i've ruled out most of the common problems, I was thinking that the power supply might not be working properly, but i dont know how i would even check it.

    another thing was that i corrupted to boot sector by turning off the computer before it had fully booted. I did this early in the day yesterday, but the computer was working fine afterwords. so i don't think this is the problem.

    the only reason that would account for this problem is that the MB died. but i really don't want to happen. because i don't have the money to it.

  11. i unplugged the hard drive ad still nothing. im getting power to the  MB, all the fans are running normal, the lights to the ethernet port are on.

    and about the beeps. i get no beeps at all, thats unusual, i believe i should get atleast 1 beep everytime i turn the machine on.

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