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  1. I found it really cool how they stuck 2 8800's together to make one card. and when you crossfire 2 of them its like runnings 4 gpu's at once. heres an idea for a gpu just stick 5 nvidia 8800's togother and crossfire 2 of them so you have 10 chipsets and just stick a big ass fan onto it to keep it cool. there no telling what they will think of next.

  2. well, i shouldn't need the files. i just can't find them. unless im looking in the wrong place. becuase when i go to add structural membere there nothing to choose from. and i cannot find where to add different member. This is really tough to explain.

  3. i dont know how many of you guys use this program, but i could use some help. Im trying to put structural members into a strip mall that im designing for my design projects class. I cannot find any of the beams or other members. I thought they where in the styles manager but there not. I know that there somewhere because i had it before.

    where can i find the beams and joists?

    I'm useing AutoCAD architecture 08.

  4. I just got my video card today. I installed easily and runs Doom 3 on ultra high setting very well. but how do i know if the card is getting to hot or im pushing it to hard. the catalyst control center doesn't give any of that information. is there another program that monitors that stuff?

    I got the ati radeon hd 3850 512mb

  5. I know people are going to get confused with that 3870 X2  with one GB Vram which is really 512MB +  512MB crossfired and the 3870 X2 512MB which sounds like 256MB for each GPU and since each 256MB is holding identical data it will run out of video memory just as fast as a 8600gt 256MB

    thats a tough one to comperhend, so what your saying is that only way to get the full 1 GB of Vram is by having 2 cards at 512 MB?

    my price range seems to keep going up. i started off at around $100, but i think ill be willing to go little more $200. I dont think its nessecary to go that high.


    One thing i dont like is that there are so many cards that are the same thing but there all different. why cant ATI and Nvidia just make there own cards?

  6. i want to check out both side of the card war before i make a decision.

    now ive been reading a lot on both the nvidia 8600's and the ati radeon hd 3800's. most of them are saying that the 3800's are better then the 8600's

    get the new g92 8800gts 512mb

    its way to far outside my price range

  7. I know some of those cards were suggested before, I just wanted to get more feedback on them. I dont think the 8600gt 256MB will be fast enough for what i want. I want to be able to play games like Doom 3 with good quality, im willing to pay more for a better card. thats why i think the radeon hd 3850 512MB may be a better card.

  8. heres what i think. if you have any other suggestion just let me know


    its only 256MB but its surprisingly powerfull according to this http://www23.tomshardware.com/graphics_2007.html?modelx=33&model1=854&model2=1061&chart=286


    the powercolor one. its good but the only problem i see with it is that it is only directX 9, Would it work with direct X10? if i choose to go to vista in the future.

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