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  1. CodsterTX, I DONT think theres anything they can do, your right at I THINK 90% of your upload cap m8... Your d/l looks awesome tho...
  2. My friend has the 3.0MEG dsl, and is getting NOWHERE near 3.0Meg.. He's ONLY seeing a lil over 1.3MEG... Can you ladies n gents please tell me sum tips n tricks for him to do to get close to 3MEG? He used to get bout 2.5-2.6, now it's just CRAWLING AT A SNAILS PACE... He doesn't have any spyware or viruses, he has winXP Pro.. Thanks for all the help in advance.
  3. Hello all, PLEASE help me tweak my FIOS 15/2 connection... I am only getting a lil over 9.5MEG from testmy.net's speedtest... Help me if you can, thanks for very much in advance... Also i'm getting 1.6MEG up..
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