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  1. Pretty cool for an external HDD! Makes me drool! I wil just put in another harddrive then try to recover my files (hopefully) and then go to the dealer and get a replacement. Erm, guys, which is safer to do for new HDDs, full format them first then partition or partition then full format each partition? Can any of these methods reduce the lifespan of hard drives? And can installing Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 after installing XP SP3 damage the harddrive? Just wondering though...
  2. Hey guys, my desktop's 500gb Western Digital drive just failed. Actually, I made 3 partitions and the first partition failed twice already in 3 months time. I can fix this but I don't want to take any chances anymore. What is the best drive brand to date because I don't want to be losing all of my files and downloaded files. Can you guys recommend a good drive? I used to use Seagate in the past, my 3-year-old 200gb drive never failed me but I needed more space so I bought a WD. Should I stick to WD or should I go back to Seagate? I only need a 7200rpm drive. I am now stuck with my lappy. Good thing though I backed up my docs
  3. Hihi, I mean their DSLRs. I like them So, that resolution is already ok for an HD. Nice
  4. Yeah, except for digital cameras. Canon and Pentax still rule! Anyway, do all HDTVs have that HDTV logo? I have seen several Bravia units in my area but they don't have that HDTV mark. I am really not familiar with TVs, just wondering. The resolution of that TV is I think, 1440x900. Is that an HDTV?
  5. Did the service provider give you any instructions on how to set it up with other mail clients? It could be that you are not using the settings you are supposed to use. Just a thought.
  6. Where are you buying that from? Just curious... The price kinda... got me ^^ I am from the Philippines as well
  7. Here are speeds from testmy Plan 999 1Mbps ADSL line, Zamboanga City Weeheee... I just looove these speeds. Way better than smartbroken!
  8. Hey guys, which is better, the 8800GT or the 9600GT?
  9. I will try both ninjageek and Diehard's advice. Thanks!
  10. Hi there! One of our PCs has been acting quite weird lately. It keeps on getting the blue screen of death. According to the error screen, the problem could be hardware related, but no hardware has been removed/added. I also tried removing the CD drives but to no extent. I still get this error. Any ideas as to what causes this error? Attached is a "screenshot" (literally, I captured the screen with my camera) of the BSOD. Help Please!
  11. These are my test results, Plan 999, 1Mbps: Hmm, somehow, when I do a speedtest online, I sometimes get only 200-400Kbps but when I start up utorrent or use flashget, i get about 150-180kB/s (Note: Please check the capitalization, small 'b' and big 'B') Any ideas how to fix this?
  12. I am using SP3 on this machine and it works like a breeze... For me, it is better than SP2
  13. A PLDT area manager called me after I called tech support and told me that we were connected to the wrong port, we were connected to the one that offers only 400kbps max instead of the 1.2mpbs. Sheesh! She said she would see what she could do to settle this problem. I hope she does or the DTI will settle this! As for morlock, what plan are you on? Have you tried calling tech support?
  14. Woah, elijahpaul! Welcome to myDSL I also switched to myDSL Experience Plan (999/1Mbps) For now, my speeds are way too low (300-400Kbps). I called up customer service (fast response) and they said they filed a report. I will have to check back in 2-3 days and see if they really did their job... You applied for the bundled plan, right? I applied for the separate line: Phone line of Php600 and DSL of Php999. By the way, where are you located? And Flash also... I am in Zamboanga
  15. Erm, I would like to bump this thread Who can tell me the best tweak for PLDT myDSL? I have cablenut and all tweak files so, if anyone here knows, please tell me ^^ I am switching to DSL Plan 999 (teh 1Mbps one, hopefully...), and the technicians will be coming here this friday. I am moving out of smartbroken PERMANENTLY! Bwahaha! OT: To those who know, is it not allowed to have more than one telephone per phone line? Example, we have 3 phones but connected to only 1 line (via a splitter).
  16. And how about PLDT Xperience Plan 999 1mpbs? Any say on this? I agree with the smart guy above, I want to move out of SmartBro coz it is so SmartBroKEN!
  17. Radeon x1550 Pro Overclocked AGP 512MB GDDR2 Can anyone give me an idea about this card? Is it good? What is its GeForce equivalent? Thanks!
  18. Well, stopping the sales of Win XP could be the single most effective way of making people but the new OS. Just one question though: If sale of Win XP Professional will be stopped, will it already be legal to use the downloadable version of XP Pro (such as the ones you get from torrents)? Well, they are no longer selling copies of it...
  19. I have read of rumors about torrent sites being "asked" by those anti-piracy agencies to track those IP addresses that download or upload torrent files in their site. So, if you are going to download those torrents, make sure you "protect your identity"
  20. Here is a screenie of the setup. As for browsing speed, I didn't do a speedtest yet, I am at home so the signal is not so good and I am running out of cellphone load http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m65/phoenix314/Screenie1.jpg
  21. Heck, 800php for 40 hours? There are no "free hours" in that, you pay exactly 10pesos per 30mins (with a 1php discount on your 40 hours ) There is another way to use Smart's 3G internet, Prepaid Style!: 1. You need to own a 3G-capable phone and configure it according to the settings of Smart.. 2. Get a Smart SIM card 3. Connect your phone to the PC or laptop then the internet and use "Smart Internet" as your access point. 4. You get charged 10php per 30 mins even if you reconnect tons of times. I am using this method with my laptop. Saves me the pain of spending 1995php for application fee. I own a Nokia n73 and connect it to my laptop via the PC Suite and connect to the internet. So there you have it, Prepaid Broadband! Note: You must be within 3G coverage of Smart to use this feature.
  22. Sometimes, it is the same here. now, when i call their CS, i tell them: "Don't give me a stupid excuse like that. If something is wrong with the base station, then why is it transmitting a signal? If my problem isn't fixed after 24 hours, the next time I call, I want to talk to your supervisor." :knuppel2:
  23. Oh, so that means I will just have to buy a new globe sim card, *Sighs* so i will have to say bye bye to my 5-yr old sim card Thanks though
  24. Anyone here who knows how to activate GPRS on a Globe sim card? The phone settings are correct but it seems that my sim card's GPRS is not activated. I called customer service and visited the globe center a lot of times but did nothing happened... i believe there is a certain command and send to a number in in order to activate the GPRS, i just dont know what. anyone here knows?
  25. I just did some Google(ing) and I think this might help you: http://smallbusiness.itworld.com/4374/nls_windows_tullochconflict06918/page_1.html
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