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  1. I have my computer set to clear my cache every time I close the browser down. I have been running the test by clicking straight on the 3 MB test but it seemed to do it on the smart test as well. When the problem was happening before, it was happening on all my computers, now it appears to only happen on my laptop. Apperently it is something to do with my laptop. As I said before, it is no big deal, I just had wanted to let someone know about it.
  2. I hate to tell ya but I still seeing the issue. Maybe it i just an issue with my service provider.
  3. Working well now. Wasn't really a problem, was just going to let the proper people know. I know that if I made something, I want it to work right and would want someone to tell me if it was acting funny. Thanx.
  4. I use the sight to do speed testing a lot. Love the site. I noticed a funny issue this morning tho. We have quite a large pipe here into our office. I have noticed this morning while I am testing, that when the test hits the 12800 test (I think that was the size, I know it was 12 something), It would finish fast enough to do another test, but instead of picking a larger size, it would do the same size test again. It seemed to get stuck in a loop doing this till I finally told it to stop. I decided that after doing it about 12 times, it wasn't gunna make it to a larger one. I reran the test imm
  5. I have seen some sprint cards that received about 31 Mbps (that is a test that was run from this site) DL and about .5 Mbps UL. And as far as hooking it up so that you can use internet and play on Xbox live, kyocera makes a wireless router with its software run by Dlink that will allow you to plug in a Sprint (or other cellular) card as you internet access and then you can plug in 4 hardwire devices (and you can add a switch if you need more) into the router. Also the newer versions allow you to connect a USB cellular device into it instead of a card. That way you could mount that cellul
  6. First the speeds between Ethernet and WI-FI can be very significant. Not sure when you were having this problem, but I have Earthlink Highspeed through my comcast, but I still use earthlink IP addresses and earthlink dns servers. I notice a few nights agao that for some reason their dns servers were having some issues. Most of the pages I would try to get to were either really slow loading, if they would eventually load, but most of the time would fail to load. I checked the dns records via nslookup and found that all pages were being directed to one of earthlinks dns servers for some re
  7. No. 6 months old is an antique. 5 Years old would be ancient.
  8. Just from the basic description, it sounds like you are having a video driver problem. I know when I am doing work on computers and don't have the video drivers setup properly, it will make any scrolling through pages really choppy and crappy looking. Might wanna start with redoing your video drivers.
  9. This is a recurring problem that I see a lot with linksys routers. I would for a WISP and have many people that seem to run into this problem with there linksys routers. My usual recommendation is to tell people to upgrade there routers to use DD-WRT, which is a third party firmware that has a great many features and also fixes this issue. On top of that it is free. The problem you are going to run into, is that, as old as your router is, it is not supported. It sounds like the router may just be getting old and need to be replaced.
  10. I have to agree. Have we, as consumers, been convinced now that we must mutilate our bodies so that we can fit better into the mold that product developers say we should be. I will in no way ever modify my body just so that I can use a peace of technology better. This man just actually said that he spend thousands of dollars so that he could use a PHONE better. (And it is an over priced phone at that). And on top of that, the fingers have the second largest grouping of nerves in the body. So on top of all the money that was spent, there was the pain and suffering he would go through. This guy
  11. well, if it is starting to work its way back up, then it may not be the coax, but don't completely discount that as the problem. A faulty connector can cause all kinds of really weird things to happen. It could also be a tech problem with them, but usually a tech problem will cause an outage, and if not that, the speeds would greatly drop and then come back full force, not slowly work there way back up, if that is what you are saying they did. When did it start slowing down and how long before it came back up. It is possible that they are using multiple fiber lines to run your whole area and i
  12. well if you are having to play with the coax line to get it to connect, it sounds like you may have a bad connection in one of your coax lines. If you have a bad connection, that could cause a loss of speed as well as problems connecting at all.
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