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  1. Hey VanBuren, first off lemme thank you for all the help & brains you provide... Wondering if you have any new Cablenut .ccs's that would apply to this config (An old PC I use as a backup) : Win 98 (with all the proper updates), comcast 8 meg tier, SB5100 modem 320 mb ram, two WD2000JB hard drives (not in RAID) Comcast's cap is about 8800kbps, I usually have no problem getting about 90% of that, but sometimes the network gets overcrowded, erratic latency, etc. and performance starts to suck. I have a few different .ccs files tailored for different conditions, but wondering if you have anything that would fit the above. Thanks again, Joe
  2. Here is a huge threaded discussion that's been ongoing since 2004 that has excellent information, always updated Note: this link takes you the beginning of the thread, note the multiple page numbers - newest posts are at the end : http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=53650 Enjoy ! Joe
  3. Hey, thanks to all who replied I'm gonna wait a week or two, read up and get some more input, and see what routers are on sale. Main thing though, is I definitely need a new ' puter. I already have 2 new 7200 rpm 8mb buffer 160 gig hard drives and a DVD burner, so I probably am going to get one of those 'barebones' systems and go up from there. That's going to be another adventure in itself..there's so many choices ! PS-- Hey Shug, will do...i've already told a few people about this site and will tell more. Thanks, Joe
  4. Hello VanBuren and everyone else, Thanks for a great site... i've learned a lot from since finding it a few weeks ago. A quick question about wireless routers.. I've heard the Linksys WRT54GS with speedbooster and the new D-link DI-624M with MIMO are speedy and well built-- I understand traffic shaping is an important consideration for optimum speed. Is MIMO better than Speedbooster ? Might you have any better suggestions for a router ? I am currently using a stone-age Pentium II 400, but will be getting a new , up-to-date machine soon. I also am on Comcast with the gold-tier (6meg down, 768k up) and have my own SB5100 Motorola modem. I've been using the tweaks recommended here and am getting most of my advertised throughput. But I know it could be a lot better, especially with a new machine. Thanks again for all the help and for any pointers you can give me above. Regards, Joe from Jersey
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