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  1. I'm moving to Fort Hood/Killeen, TX!!!!!!
  2. Did ya'll miss me? I missed you! Here is a picture of Dustin and I kissing. He's my forever love. I've got a pretty ring to prove it.[br][br][br][br]And here's just a couple pictures I took one night about a week ago =] Enjoy.[br][br][br][br]
  3. i need to post another couple pics for the guys but i'm mobile right now so it will have to wait until i get home from work
  4. erin654


    yes! can you help with that?
  5. erin654


    extracted brushes to? do i have to download those seperate? because the show up when i choose what pattern to use but they don't do anything in my image
  6. you look stunning for your age!(compliment?) was that a fake smile on your face as well? your babies are all so skinny!
  7. erin654


    i use windows xp :]
  8. issues with internet explorer? so what else is new? IE is crap!
  9. erin654


    i have tried several times installing, uninstalling and reinstalling Gimp and still cannot get my stamp pattern things to work(forgive my utter lack of terms knowlege) any help?
  10. if i wrote everything i wanted to say... I'd be here for hours writing his unofficial biography... one of his best friends happens to be our supervisor at work and he told her that we're engaged(we're not...yet) i wonder if she still believes him? he's too shy to hold my hand or hug me or anything in public... i wish i had a good picture of him, i'll just post the one that i do have from my phone
  11. iAnything = crap. anyone know if i can test my Nintendo Wii speed from here?
  12. his name is Brett I've known him since January we work together he asked me to be his girlfriend on July 14th he's a guitarist in 2 bands he's a little older than me (26, while i am 19) i could go on and on and on... what else do you want to know?
  13. that penguin is pissing me off *shoots a penetrating glance and mudman*
  14. aha! i've just been informed that it is roughly 512 Kbps
  15. i believe i'm on a dsl modem... and i'm using one of Qwest's faster internet connection speeds though i'm not sure what it is...
  16. so are they good, bad, okay? well, i know they aren't good, but i want to know how they fare against everyone else's and how i can make them better...
  17. i think its funny that the first to jpg's have 14 views as of when i'm writing this, while the male lapdancers only got 1...which was not from me! naked men are gross!
  18. <img src="http://www.potterpuppetpals.com/pppstore/fun/butterfliesicon.gif">FOLLOW'>http://www.potterpuppetpals.com/pppstore/fun/butterfliesicon.gif">FOLLOW THE BUTTERFLIES!!<img src="http://www.potterpuppetpals.com/pppstore/fun/butterfliesicon.gif">
  19. i was referring to being surrounded in this message board darling...
  20. oh yeah? well i'm surrounded by idiots
  21. *whimpers and mumbles* stupid boys always ruining everything... *grumble*
  22. *nods* i'm in. we strike at sundown.
  23. aye, what's the plan Big T?
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