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  1. cont.. as many people use the connection in the comp. shops the slower our connection, therefore smart should make a regulation between the commercial use and private use of the internet connection,, am i correct????????
  2. maybe there is a congestion in our broadband connection,,since the school start this Tuesday our connection become slower on the time were the people often use internet connection,, maybe some of the computer shops here use the smartbro, because of that the bandwidth allocated to our area was being use by the computer shops.
  3. i also experience it,don't you notice that our connection is fast during the morning and very slow on the afternoon?? im from calumpit
  4. ok tnx a lot,, i will try try ur suggestion,, i experiencing that only since tuesday, before that my connection is ok anytime i connect,, i hope it is only a maintenance,,tnx,,have a nice day
  5. holy shit!!!,, my connection today is like a dial up,, why does my connection go lower during the afternoon and fast on the morning??????? anyone
  6. tnx a lot man, it is 440 kbps this morning, maybe there is a upgrade or maintennance yesterday
  7. yes i also experiencing it since yesterday,yesterday afternoon my connection is ranging from 20 to 80 kbps, early this morning it is 370kbps but this afternoon, it is 20 to 150 kbps again,, is there something wrong in there cellsites in bulacan??? i will greatly appreciate who will comment on this,,tnx,,have a nice day
  8. safe bang magpalit ng ip sa smart bro,, help please
  9. nga pre kelan b ndidisconnect ung smart bro,,, dinala kc ung bill ko on the exact due date ng gung gung n messenger ng smart eh
  10. bkit ganon ndidisconnect ung smart bro ko eh taas naman ng speed ko 404 kbps???
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