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  1. as i said above, i already use WPA2 with a very large, very random key. a Point is, defense in depth. ev
  2. i beleive in defense in depth. i have it set so only the mac addresses of the puters on the network will be accepted. i have WPA2 Corporate, enabled, with a pretty big and very random key. Got the NAT firewall setup, too. also got SSID turned off. All sensitive data that goes through the network here at home gets passed in an encrypted form. Im a big fan of PGP. I think thats a good start. if anyone has any other ideas, shoot. also, thank you for the information on the Mac address spoofing. didnt realize you could do that. thank you all for the heads up. this has defi
  3. i didnt know mac filters could be spoofed. can anyone elaborate on that? thats a security risk id like to know more about, as i use it as one of the primary defenses in my network. also, can you get mcafee wireless protection suite as a standalone product? ev
  4. i have the cable internet service through them. heres a look at my speeds. bear in mind im also wireless. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 6828 Kbps about 6.8 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB) Download Speed is:: 833 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main) Test Time:: 2007/10/10 - 10:20pm Bottom Line:: 119X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 1.23 sec Tested from a 5983 kB file and took 7.179 seconds to complete Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 51.73 % faster than the average for host (mchsi.com) D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-QJN2F8
  5. I have that same laptop, actually. when i installed vista, i updated to HP's driver for the touchpad. its made by synaptics by the way. the new driver is GARBAGE. ruined the ability to use it. go back and get the XP driver for the touchpad and install it, it is compatible with Vista actually, and works a lot better. ev
  6. http://www.windowsvistamagazine.com/US/05582469248596696351/use-any-usb-stick-to-readyboost-your-computer.html Use any USB stick to ReadyBoost your computer Comments (57) | E-mail | Print Click once to vote this item up the content rankings 61 Votes | Click to indicate that you'd like to hear less from this author | What's this? Got a USB stick that Windows Vista doesn't want to use for memory? Read how to use it anyway. By chris on Thursday, March 22, 2007 Sooner or later, everyone's computer tends to slow down. Call it old age or simply doing too much, but even the most
  7. OK, just tried that and........ THAT IS HELLA COOL!!!!! good job guys!!!! Way to go, Distrubed!!! ev
  8. Acquire a copy of Norton Ghost 12 (earlier versions not compatible with Vista) or Acronis True Image. those are the very best for making Mirror Images of your disc. thats what id do, and its what i actually did. i bought a duplicate hard drive to the one in my laptop, and used Acronis to copy it over to the new one, which is my spare. Now that i have Vista Ultimate, i use the complete pc backup function but before i had Ultimate, i used Acronis. both programs are really awesome. you can back up to a disk, a usb or DVD set. ev
  9. in a perfect world not losing the laptop would be ideal. thats imperfect for people who travel with it. so, you pull out every card you have to TRY to keep it safe. its better than nothing, and its that simple. because, frankly, you might get lucky. and if theres a slim chance it CAN be recovered, HOWEVER slight it might be, dont you think its worth playing that card? or would you rather just decide to replace it and not even try? ev
  10. Yeah, but just how many laptop theives are smart enough to do that? not the majority of em. plain and simple MOST of em are headed right to the pawn shop and MOST of the laptops bought from there are by people who DONT look for that, which is why lojack is a good idea. and thats an AWFUL lot more trouble than your average theif is gonna go to, swimmer. And with all that said, i think these are still the best solutions for protecting your investment. if you guys and gals dont like em much, you dont have to use em. They are imperfect solutions to a nearly impossible problem, but they are th
  11. that would work for data, but the prob with lojack is it installs into bios too. wipe the drive, and it simply regenerates teh files the next time you boot. and if you have a bios password......so no matter what the thing is still gonna fone home. ev
  12. Not with PGP you dont have access. Try PGP Whole Disk Encryption, and see if that works. ev
  13. Laptop Security.... Recently, a member of a different forum with the screen name of Dynamike had his laptop stolen. wanting to help others avoid the same fate, and trying to do a little bit of good, he posted some links to help people find the methods and tools to keep themselves, and their expensive technogoodies, safe. http://www.absolute.com This is a really great software solution. do i recommend it as a stand-alone answer to laptop theft? sadly, no. Absolute is the primary provider for the Computrace LoJack software. Its designed to let ET fone Home so to speak. When your lapt
  14. Glad they finally made things right by you, Swimmer. It shouldnt have taken all that hassle, and it shouldnt have taken the posts to get that from them. But, better late than never! im glad they finally did right by you, enjoy the new machine! ev
  15. all i know is what i see here in my area. im glad they are working out for you, inferno. in my area, the service is substantially less reliable, and dealing with their customer service is worse than a trip to the dentist for drilling. they suck. and DSL here doesnt seem to have any of the headaches your friend is currently experiencing, and costs 40% less. im happy with my switch, and for those in my area atleast, i would recommend the same course of action. ev
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