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  1. To - Siryak What is EVDO and where is it available -- or will be?
  2. On my linksys n router, the wireless laptops have good speed and does not lose connection. It is just the desktop where the Wildblue connection is coming that has super slow speed. Any suggestions as to this problem?
  3. I live in Virginia zip code 24179 and cannot get anything other than satellite. Is there any dial up service that allows a router for other computers and does not tie up the phone line? Or any other suggestions for rural areas that need fast connection for bidding on ebay and is not as expensive as satellite?
  4. When you have paid so much for the dish and equipment on Wildblue, is it worth it to pay again for Hughes dish and equipment. My contract with Wildblue runs out next month and I am looking for a cheaper plan. It seems that rural areas are penalized because the DSL, etc. is not offered and what is offered is very, very expensive -- and slow.
  5. I have Wildblue and use a Linksys Router. I have used both the Linksys G and the Linksys N. I also have the most expensive package. When it was first installed on the cheaper package, with the Linksys, the installer said the speed was higher than normal. Since I switched to the fastest package, my speed has been slower. I was told by Wildblue that they did not support the use of a router and was not given the least bit of help. I live in a rural area so providers are limited. Any help with speed?
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