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  1. ei guys! a question pls.. how can i use that proxy and where i can put it.. sorry i dont know much in computer..
  2. at last the tweak works.. my speed this is the first time i reach 300+kbps.. id like to join the 400kbps clubs too.
  3. help guys! i already did the first page but still i cant access my canopy.. i think it is because i click the restore factory setting in my canopy.. did anyone here know what to do to access it again??
  4. guys need help! i accidentally click the restore to factory setting in canopy page.. and then i lost connection in a while and then i try again to access my canopy, and i cant access it anymore.. what must i do? pls help..
  5. hi guys again! can i ask how is RSSI affect the speed of smart bro? hehe dumb question.. my RSSI is ranging now to 1200 - 1300.. is this good? also i have read some forum about the tcp optimizer, if im not mistaken it says that it takes 2-3 days before it fully optimize your speed.. @drizzt1911 ur location is cainta, rizal right? my location is taytay, rizal.. we have the same problem i think.. i dont have a constant speed..
  6. TCP optimizer? what setting will i use.. sorry but i dont know yet the tcp optimizer..
  7. hi guys! i just wondered i have a RSSI of 650.. i have cablenut and done the canopy tweakling.. i also used the dns server recommended by the meridiantelekoms.. but still my speed did not improved.. my latest speed.. i wondered my speed in tesymy is always 200+kbps and not inproving..
  8. i already seen that forum.. but i dont know what setting i must use.. i try some of the setting including the setting you also used but my speed have not reach even 300kbps.. i also do the canopy tweak.. but my speed is always below 300kbps.. do your speed always constant everyday? because there were times that my speed is just like a dial-up..
  9. tnx gourame, i already uninstall my cfosspeed and this is my speed.. my upload speed is way different than before.. maybe its because of the cfosspeed.. i try the cablenut but my speed have not reach to your speed.. is cablenut the only program you use? is your base station upgraded?? you can see it to your view transaction history in the http://portal.smartbro.net/index.php.. if your package is SMBRO, it is still 384kbps. but if it change to WR512, it is upgraded..
  10. Hello guys! just like to ask question if the cfosspeed really boost the speed of smartbro?? did you have a cfosspeed install in your system? how about the upload speed?? because this is my test result u can see that the upload speed is very slow.. hope for your reply
  11. pls help with my speed location: taytay, rizal
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