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  1. Well I can give u advice so cs will forward u to tech team and visit your home: If u have an anti virus with personal fire wall try to enable it and set it to the highest protection. Mine was PC cillin 2007. Enabling it will cause pinging any ip ad will result to request timeout and 100% lost. When they ask u to do basic troubleshooting just like replugging the adaptor and deleting cookies, etc. do it. Then when they try to ask u to ping ip's to cmd as I typed before it will result to 100% lost and tell them that. When they ask u to try to open a browser(IE/Mozilla) report them
  2. well I guess your base station doesn't need to upgrade anymore coz its already upgraded maybe your base station was the first upgraded here in the phil. hahahaah LOL
  3. and now I check again if my connection still ok and I find it right soon all base stations will upgrade to 512kbps.
  4. hey guys after calling customer svc so many times I think a million times our base station I guess was upgraded before having a connection 100kbps below now I think I dont need to tweak my canopy because my connection was boost anyways thanks to all who helped me
  5. Well good for you If you access your canopy.. I think the solution too to ur problem is to call tech support to go to your house
  6. I told you before It doesn't work too.. I think the only solution is to call tech support to go here for maintenance
  7. U mean I will go to http://portal.smartbro.net ?? but when I change my ip to and go to my mozilla browser it cant displayed I guess its because I change my ip manually but u said after viewing my canopy page I should try going to smartbro portal. And as u can see to my screenshot above there was a login there I try to click it and type my smartbro portal user name and password but It says unauthorize etc. pls.. give me a detailed steps thank you
  8. What do u mean I will go next to portal?? pls. elaborate your answer When Im in smartbro portal what will I do next? after logging in? Do I need to reset the connection? pls. help I accessed my canopy page when I try again to do the steps in the first page but I cant see the configuration because my level was only guest.
  9. hello, Now I finally access my canopy but theres a big problem: when the canopy page was fully loaded in the control box I cannot see configuration and my level was only guest but I see in the screen shots in the first page it should be administrator owww what I gonna do now... pls help heres the screenshot: <img src="http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q204/prettykeneth/canopy.jpg">
  10. ok im sorry, Im the one who needs help in accessing canopy Im a new smartbro plan 999 subscriber here in taguigcity metro manila and I think our canopy lite was not locked its because I may just using the new version of canopy so that's why. My IP was not 169.xxx.xxx.xxx it starts from 192.168.xxx.xxx please help I want to access my canopy
  11. hello gourame its me again, ung nahingi ng help kng paano iaccess ang canopy canopy lite gamit nmin and I'm a new smartbro subscriber our location is from signal village, taguig city here in metro manila. sa tingin ko hndi xa nkalock kc sa tingin ko were using new version kc po hndi 169.xxx.xxx.xxx ang ip address nmin ay starting with 192.168.xxx.xxx pls. help help help!
  12. heres my test now again in speedtest I dont have constant speed. In morning like now I got that speed but when evening I got very poor connection pls. help help help! Ive tried also tcp/ip optimizer but it does not speed up my connection now I'm sure were using canopy lite. If u have guides to tweak my canopy pls. post it here or email me at [email protected] but its ok if u post it here tnx gourame
  13. before when the fieldman sets our connection I saw them accessing canopy but I dont know if they locked it or not. I never tried accessing my canopy in my old cpu before and i tried the steps above but when i try to go to i says page cannot displayed. I am a new subscriber of smartbro since last april,2007 and I'm 75% sure that were using canopy lite. you see my connection? above its too slow ohh! I think theres a new steps in accessing my canopy? coz I think the steps above was for older canopy's? ryt? please help I want to tweak my canopy too bcoz I've tried calling customer
  14. I cant access my canopy it says page cannot be displayed even if I already do what ur steps says. Is there any other way? if it involves to look for numbers printed in canopy I think I cant do that because the field man put it in a high position. before I have good speed connection but when we change our cpu from pentium III to pentium dual core it became slower but I dont think its because of the cpu's performance coz I think the it will need to setup something pls help heres my connection speed now: Download Connection is:: 132 Kbps about 0.1 Mbps (tested with 386 kB) Download Speed i
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