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  1. @ mr. wowowee If nobody's ever told you this with regards to the active people here (they are generoous on giving advice), e-mail smart cause that's how I got their attention. I think we had the same situation the low speed connection thingy, I've tried all the canopy tweaks but to no avail...but with enough patience, smar bro tech got it all fixed for me. They transferred my canopy to another base station. Now it works fine with nice speed. You just have to mention all the problems that you've been having and send them test speed results as well. They will in turn give you an SR number as a proof that they will work on your connection dilemma. Moreover, whenever they come to your home, be aggressive about telling them the connection speed you wan to achieve. Best regards, just be patient with them and with the connection.
  2. Alright, wil do that, thanks coolbuster2007!
  3. Hi there, I've got some questions: I have a mac and a pc, currently I use the mac for smart bro but I'd like to use smart bro on my pc as well. However, I can't seem to make it work on my pc. the questions are: How do I make smart bro work on my pc yet hopefully I could also switch the cable to my mac as well? I'm not planning to use them at the same time so I don't opt to buy a router, I just plan to swtich the cable whenever I want to, is that possible? Please help me thanks!
  4. May I butt in...everytime I open my canopy there's a different name on the site name, site location, and site contact does that mean it's not my canopy?
  5. I notice my connection problem is at first, the connection seems fine at more than 100 Kbps in the morning the moment I turn it on... Then suddenly it will drop to 95, 45, 26, then 10 Kbps in a matter of seconds...Arghhhhh....What's freakin' wrong? Anyone?
  6. Thanks, I already did email them. Service really sucks. I just don't have a choice...
  7. @jun101ph I'm curious, how did you get to talk to a tech support? I've been trying to contact smart on their hotline but I'm always on hold. My connection has been down since day one. It's tragic. I want to cancel my account but no one from smart would talk to me, by the way is that possible? I think at least I deserbe a field visit once again.
  8. Hi there, I'm a new smart bro subscriber exectly 3 days now...yet my speed is tragic it's never up to 60 Kbps...I've tried some of the tweaking yet I think there's a problem on my canopy...It reloads every 3 seconds and I see different accounts (I guess, cause I don't know what they are)...It's weird is it really like that? Please help me....
  9. I already did check my permissions if what you mean is on "disk utility"...Is that it? Thanks
  10. Thanks! Yes I've checked that thread but I think smart has blocked my canopy...cause I can't open it...
  11. Hi everyone, Oh my I think I just doomed myself to be SMART BROken!!! Here's my story...I just got my smart bro installed today and the installer had problems configuring it on my mac...now my donwload speed has never gotten more than 60 Kbps...Is this normal when I'm really close to the base station and my line-of-sight looks pretty okay? What should I do now? Thanks...
  12. help....my speed is 30kbps using ibook for smart bro...i think the installer may have messed it up...
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