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  1. Thanks ive downloaded firmware 1.23 but it is a vlc media plyer (.bin) file and I cant open it with anything else, any idea on that i can open it with?
  2. Thanks, Im glad to be here Im not good with computers, where can I find the new firmware and how do I reflash my router?
  3. This is a serious problem with desperate help needed I have virgin media broadband, with a D-link DI-524 router. Every 25 minutes or so, my internet gets cut off and says "Local Netwrok Cable Unplugged", then it comes back on a split second later. So for example my msn messenger disconnects, I click reconnect and it connects again, I visit a site and it says page cannot be displayed and I refresh and it comes back on. It is serious aswell because I host many online servers and online games and I cant do this any more without people complaining that its stalled, crashed or they
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